5 Common Off-Road Myths BUSTED!

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Off-roading is insanely popular and as with anything that’s popular, myths on what is better and what can/can’t hurt your truck abound. Most of these come from old timers that had a certain way of doing things and argued against any other ideas, but some are newer and come from..  Read More

Party Extreme With the RedBull Party Trucks

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RedBull is known for being pretty extreme in their love of extreme sports and partying, and recently they decided to put these two loves together and make the party a little more, well, extreme. Just because you’re down the trail and miles away from the nearest paved road doesn’t mean..  Read More

The 700-Horsepower Hellcat Grand Cherokee is Really Happening

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The latest installment of Jeep’s Grand Cherokee SUV is possibly the best one yet. With a solid frame, great options, and sleek yet functional looks, it’s a big win for Chrysler. So how do you improve on something that’s already great? Well, Jeep did that when they released the Tailhawk..  Read More

5 Tips for Off-Roading Safely

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Off-roading is one of those things that can be started without too much experience, but can quickly become dangerous and costly. Inexperience with driving off-road can lead to damage to your truck as well as injuries to yourself, which are fairly hard to treat when you’re miles from the nearest..  Read More

Trucks 101: How a Turbo Works

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How do you make a car or truck faster without making the engine larger? Well, over the years this question has been answered in a variety of ways. Carburetors were replaced with fuel injection, clearances inside of engines were reduced, and better oils were conceived. While all of these are..  Read More

The Hilux is Back for 2016 In a Big Way

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Sold in over 180 countries, the Toyota Hilux is more than your typical truck. Touted by many (Top Gear UK included) as the toughest truck in the world, the Hilux is known for being nearly indestructible with rock-solid reliability. The Hilux started its life in 1968 with the first generation..  Read More

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