Custom Truck Series - Halo 4 Ford F-150 SVT: The New Warthog

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If you’ve ever played any of the games in the Halo franchise, you’ve wanted to drive a warthog. Even if you haven’t played the game, trust me, you still want to drive one. While I don’t have a real warthog to show you here, the guys at Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) did their best to make the new Ford F-150 SVT Raptor into one. GAS was tasked by UNSC command, also known as Microsoft, to build this one-of-a-kind truck to celebrate the release of Halo 4, one of the most popular game series ever released for the Microsoft Xbox. With a look that would even gain the Master Chief’s approval, the Halo 4 Raptor is a real work of art. The Engine From the factory, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor comes with a 6.2L V8 engine that produces 411 horsepower. The guys at GAS didn’t think that was enough, so they installed a Whipple supercharger that ups this to 500 horsepower. With the increase in power comes the need for better exhaust, which is found in the upgraded Magnaflow exhaust. ford-f-150-raptor-halo-4-custom   The Exterior The most noticeable upgrade to the Halo 4 F-150 Raptor is the paint. GAS used a custom paint scheme with multiple matte paint finishes and colors to give a green, olive drab, and black paint job that matches a Warthog nicely. Sweeping, angular paint lines paired with the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) logo make the truck look like more of an official military truck than a video game ride. halo-4-custom-unsc   Along with the custom paint, GAS used Line-X bed liner paint to coat the fender flares, bumpers, and the truck’s bed. This helps add a level of durability to the paint job where it needs it most while giving the truck an even more aggressive look. The exterior is rounded out by the addition of a Fox coil over suspension that gives a 2.5” lift all around. This, paired with Ford Racing bead-lock wheels and Nitto 35” Mud Grappler tires make the Raptor ready to take on the Covenant as well as it can hit a muddy trail. The Interior With the F-150 Raptor being built for the Halo series, it’s basically a given that GAS would outfit the interior with a solid AV system. Two 7” headrest monitors grade the back of the front seats and one 10” drop-down monitor comes down for even better viewing. The screens wouldn’t be too useful without a source, and as you might expect, a Halo 4 edition Xbox was installed under the rear seat in a fully custom enclosure branded with the UNSC logo and styling. All total, this is one serious gaming system built into a bad-ass truck. The rest of the interior was customized to match the green tones of the truck’s exterior and new leather upholstery replaced the trucks stock seats and consoles. Halo 4 embroidery emblazons the front and read seats, and a neon green UNSC hides under the rear seat. Stock Goodies The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor comes with an assortment of stock goodies that were left in-tact for the Halo 4 build. A nose-mounted camera helps the truck see what’s in front of it when off-roading, which it can do very well thanks to the Torsen Limited Slip Differential and Fox racing shocks.   Ford uses their MyFord Touch infotainment system for a stereo, giving the truck not only a great stereo, but puts all the information you need about your truck at the forefront of the system. halo-4-custom-truck-ford-f-150     Wrap-Up Overall, this Halo4 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is not close too being a Warthog, but I’m pretty sure it’s the closest we will get to seeing one in the wild. Even though this is an awesome truck, Ford considers it a one-off and will not produce any more. This one ride was given out as a prize for the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge. A solid truck built around one of the most prolific game series ever created, the Halo 4 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a truck to be reckoned with.

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