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Loud Mouth 150 PSI Quad Train Horn Kit

Loud Mouth 150 PSI Quad Train Horn Kit
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Product Description

Confused about which train horn kit to buy? Too many choices on the market to decide? I started Train Horns Delivered 4 years ago and was selling other manufacturers kits when I decided to put together my own. I spent a lot of time and effort making a kit that would be the best on the market and the easiest to install. All while offing a bullet-proof warranty and 15 day no hassle returns.

There are two parts to consider when buying a train horn kit. First you need to make sure that the main components of your kit are top quality. Second, you need to make sure that your kit has all of the little extra parts that you will need for the install. Nothing is worst than having to run to the hardware store in the middle of an install to get a part that should have been included anyway.

As far as your main components offered on the THD 150PSI Quad Horns Loudmouth go, you have an; Air Compressor, Air Tank and your Train Horns themselves.

The Air Compressor

This is the heart and soul of the kit. The higher the PSI the air compressor can build, the louder the train horn kit will be. I decided on a Viair system because the air compressor is good up to 150 PSI & 30% Duty Cycle & 1.31CFM and offers the quality and reliability of the Viair brand.

The Air Tank

It is a simple beast, it holds the compressed air ready until you need it. Again we spent the extra money on the Viair brand because they offer a steel tank that can safely control 150PSI. This compressor/tank combo comes pre wired with pressure switch that will run the compressor only when needed to maintain the desired PSI. This pressure switch will cycle on the kit on when the pressure drops below 110 PSI and cycle the system off once 150 PSI has once again been reached.

The Train Horns

We wanted to make a kit that was not only extremely loud but also one that looked great. I chose these chrome plated 100% steel horns; because they are durable, have an amazing sound and look great.

Measurements Of The Air Compressor, Tank and Horns:

The air compressor and air tank are one unit that measure 19" long, 14" high and 6" wide

The horns measure 16" long, 13" high and 12" wide

The second part to consider when buying a train horn kit is making sure your kit has all the connectors and fittings you will need to install your horns. Our kits come with:

* Free Shipping

* 15 day questions free 100% returns

* 365 day warranty

* 15 feet of air line

* 15 feet of 14G red and black wiring

* On/Off Toggle Switch

* Push Button

* 8 .250 insulated quick disconnect terminals

* 3 .187 insulated quick disconnect terminals

* 5 insulated ring terminals

* 3 insulated bullet terminals

* 2 - 20 amp fuses

* 1/2 inch to 1/8 male compression fitting

If you are somewhat handy the install should only take a few hours to get done. Here is an installation video and a installation guide, watch and read and see what you think. Also, many people donít have the time to do the install themselves and simply take the kit into their mechanic to do the installation for them.

Scroll back up, add the kit to the shopping cart and have the baddest aftermarket accessory on your doorstep in 3-5 days!


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