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Great Reasons For Owning A Train Horn


With the popularity of off-roading on the rise, truck drivers have a mounting responsibility to make sure that their trucks are equipped with the proper safety features. A train horn is one of the best accessories to help prevent accidents and injury to drivers, bystanders, and wildlife. Below are the top four train horn uses for drivers. 

1) A horn is needed to warn other vehicles...

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5 Common Off-Road Myths BUSTED!

Off-roading is insanely popular and as with anything that’s popular, myths on what is better and what can/can’t hurt your truck abound. Most of these come from old timers that had a certain way of doing things and argued against any other ideas, but some are newer and come from a simple lack of understanding about the sport.

There are hundreds of myths big and small out there...

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Party Extreme With the RedBull Party Trucks

RedBull is known for being pretty extreme in their love of extreme sports and partying, and recently they decided to put these two loves together and make the party a little more, well, extreme.

Just because you’re down the trail and miles away from the nearest paved road doesn’t mean you have to rely on your truck’s speakers for the music if you’re with RedBull that is.


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