True Life - I'm Being Negative SEO'd May 05, 2012

I’m getting hated on so hard right now by one of my competitors.  I’ve got links from foreign websites unrelated to my site, links from link networks and comment spam with my anchor text next to porn, pills and gambling.  Basically, I got problems.  To add to the situation when I conducted my link audit and discovered these links, there was no way to contact the webmaster. I, along with many others received the unnatural links email from Google.  I’m not going to lie and say that I have never messed around with grey hat linking strategies but I feel I rode a unicycle down the middle and played a fair game. 4 months back I hired a new SEO firm to assist me with my link building.  I was not apprehensive about this company as they were recommended from a trusted source and came with a glowing recommendation. While he was building links to I started noticing some pretty strange links coming in from sites that were non english speaking. This alone was not a big deal but the content on the sites had nothing to do with my site or my niche.  I emailed my consultant and pointed out these links that I had found in my webmaster reports.  He advised me that the links were not built by him and not to worry because they were coming from sites that had high DA and PA. Time went on and I continued to watch over the links he was building and found out he was building links out of his own blog network.  I told him this is not what I was looking for and fired him.  However, these crazy foreign links just keep on coming in. This time period was right inline with when I received my email from Google talking about my unnatural link profile.  I’m not sure what triggered them - was it the links from the link network or the shady foreign links.  I applied for a reconsideration and pointed out some of the questionable links and my SEO consultant pulled all the links he created in our 2 ½ month stint. I’ve taken a slight beating in the SERPS but overall I have held my position.  I'm going to show a few of the shady links I’m talking about and see if anyone has any advice on how I could clean these links up. I just read an interesting post over at Point Blank SEO talking about ways that Google could remedy the negative SEO situation.  He mentioned Google allowing us to simply check a box next to the links that we do and don't want to be associated with.  This way we would be taking responsibility over our link profile and being judged only on the links we have built.  This would take care of negative SEO issue and allow repentance for past linking transgressions. This is an issue that is currently affecting others and will only grow as these over optimizaiton penalties come through the pipeline.  Thoughts, ideas???

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