Interview With Justin and Joe Of Adsense Flippers! May 29, 2012

Adsense Flippers “Don’t talk about it, be about it” - I've always loved this quote and it is something that is genuinely missing in the internet marketing world.  There are too many bloggers out there that make money selling products in/about niches where they don’t even make money themselves.  This leads entrepreneurs down the wrong path in their journey towards making money online. Justin and Joe from Adsense Flippers on the other hand, have already cut their chops in the niche site/Adsense arena and have a blog to prove it.  Their income reports speak for themselves: April 12 - $18,552.43 March 12- $15,851.31 Feb 12 - $12,749.55 Jan 12 - $44,291.17 Dec 11 - $11,844.65 Nov  11 - $20,819.15 Oct 11  - $9,610.76 Sept 11 - $26,011.79 Aug 11 - $14,435.23 July 11 - $10,180.93 Jun 11 - $7,694.38 May - $5,436.97 Below is an interview to give you all a glimpse inside of the minds of two very successful entrepreneurs.   1) What originally gave you the idea to start internet business and how long have you building it out for? was started in 2010, leveraging our available staff in our current outsourcing company to do the work.  We were in a situation where we'd just lost an outsourcing client and we wanted to make sure we were able to retain these smart/talented agents that were with our company but wanted a way to make sure their salaries were covered until we could get them placed with new clients.  Within a few months the project was quite successful and we continued to expand to get to where we're at today.  We've already made over $100,000 this year by May, 2012 and we should see continued growth throughout the rest of this year. 2) How many hours a week do you spend on your internet business? We have our agents here in the Philippines that primarily do all of the work required to build out the niche sites that we create, monetize, and sell...Joe and I probably only spend a combined 15-20 hours per week on that part of the business.  That being said, the portion that takes up a significant amount of our time is building/expanding our brand, working on internal tools, messaging, etc. 3)  Ideas are often so hard to implement – tells us a bit about how you started and what were your first steps in creating your site/sites. Once you have just enough information to get started, that's exactly what you need to do.  If you spend too much time researching in the beginning, you'll miss your "opportunity window" .  If you continue to research you'll find plenty of reasons and excuses for not getting started, so we'd recommend researching just enough to give you what you need to do just that. 4)  What is the main source of income for your internet business? The majority of our income for AdSenseFlippers comes through the sale of our niche sites.  We're currently looking to diversify that a bit further through products and tools that are helpful to us and our audience. 5) What other things besides blogging do you do to build your audience and customer base? In January 2012 we went to a weekly format with the AdSense Flippers Podcast and that has been instrumental in expanding our brand to new listeners/readers through a different form of media.  We're looking to do more video and some webinars throughout the end of the year.  A great strategy to review here is Pat Flynn's "Be Everywhere" strategy from SmartPassiveIncome. 6)  What do you think are the biggest challenges of marketing your business? While it's a good idea to really "niche down" when you're starting to build a company and/or brand, we're currently going through the growing pains that include trying to broaden in scope.  We don't want to stray too far from the niche AdSense content that our readers appreciate, but we definitely want to continue to appeal to a wider audience, so balancing that can be a challenge. 7) What has been your main difficulty or barrier in running your business to date? Keeping up with the Google changes has proven difficult.  We're a relatively nimble organization and can adapt on the fly, but the consistent changes since we've been doing this has forced us to keep on our toes and continue to adapt to an ever-changing market. 8)What forums do you follow/participate it? We're active in the WarriorForum and on Flippa under the username TryBPO.  We're also member of the Dynamite Circle, a membership group put together by the guys at 9) What do you feel is/are the biggest mistakes you have made this far? We've had some failures in creating some authority AdSense sites, but I feel like that was a great learning experience and definitely not a mistake on our part.  We're currently discussing how much time/effort we should expend in doubling down on growth efforts for our company and brand.  I think the end result of those discussions will have a significant impact on our expansion over the next 12-18 months.  Only time will tell whether the direction we chose was a mistake or not, I guess. 10) What are your plans for growing your business into the next 3-5 years? We're looking to continue to expand our revenue streams in related niches and grow those that are successful.  One example would be our recently-launched, a weekly newsletter with keyword case studies that helps our audience better determine profitable niches that we're actually exploring.  There's a ton of work ahead for us but the future is bright and we're excited about what lies ahead. Thanks! I hope you all enjoyed the post and here is a peak into the Adsense Lifestyle for the guys at Adsense Flippers.

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