Simplify The "Why" June 01, 2012

The Problem: I dream too big. I think this personality trait has given me the motivation to achieve the things that I have but I also feel it has made the weight of the dream feel so heavy that I has been slowing me down of late. Backstory: My dream is to partake in action sports around the world. Back when I lived in Colorado I was always the happiest when I was performing my 3 favorite activities at the time, whitewater kayaking, snowboarding and mountain biking. Then I saw people kiteboarding in a magazine and I knew that was the next sport for me. To achieve my dream I realized that I was going to have to build a business that would allow me to make money and travel to do the sports that I wanted to do. The Now: The difficulty of my chosen dream has be hindering me. While dreaming of my ultimate goal, I’ve managed to forget the core value in my dream - which is to kiteboard. I’ve essentially created an inverted pyramid with my dream on the bottom and all kinds of other frivolous crap on top of it. With all of this going on in my head, the dream starts looking so far away that I start out onto other dreams that are more easily attainable and deliver more instant gratification - read, brewing beer. With the time and money I’ve put into brewing I could have taken 3 more kiteboarding lesson and completed the first step in my goal. Instead, as it stands now, I haven’t even completed the most important part of my goal which is learning how to do the sport I want to do. Evaluation: I simply put too many layers over my dream. I want to be in Central America kiteboarding fresh water butter flat lakes up in the rainforest and then driving down to the Pacific and Caribbean coasts for perfect waves all while working on growing my business. All the while, I live in Fort Myers, Fl and have butter flat water inside at the Sanibel Causeway and 1-3 foot mushy waves to use as kickers out in the Gulf. I’ve even have all my own all the gear.....I still don’t know how to ride. I’ve taken a few lessons just not enough to go out on my own. Why have I missed this connection? I want to kiteboard and travel and in doing so I’ve allowed my mind to redirect the actions needed:  you want to kite? Ok - start working more hours on your business so you can eventually be free. I’m using my free time to generate money so I can generate free time. I have something in my head that is miswired and I need to fix it. Conclusion: Am I scared of succeeding and reaching my goals? If I want to work for myself and kite, why haven’t I realized that dream, if only in the most basic of ways here if Fort Myers. I need to focus on the most basic forms of happiness until I make it all the way to my dream.

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