Interview With Tom Of Leaving Work Behind! June 05, 2012

I just discovered Tom’s blog a few months back while searching for new bloggers to add to my curated list of income reports.  He has been on a great run in the last two months and even scored a guest post on smartpassiveincome last month.  Here are 10 questions with the man behind leaving work behind.

  1) What originally gave you the idea to start internet business and how long have you building it out for? I didn't really start with an idea for an internet business - I just decided that I wanted to quit my job. Everything stemmed from that. And what I originally envisaged as my internet business looks nothing like the current reality! I've been working on my business in its current form since about October 2011, but I first decided to quit my job back in May 2011.

2) How many hours a week do you spend on your internet business?

The part of my business that currently generates the majority of my income (freelance writing) currently takes up around 20-30 hours per week. I spend another 10-20 hours working on my blog.

3)  Ideas are often so hard to implement – tells us a bit about how you started and what were your first steps in creating your site/sites.

I started with the intention of building up a niche site portfolio, and quickly followed that up by starting my blog. The niche sites didn't pan out, and whilst the blog was growing steadily, it wasn't generating any income. So I decided to move into writing. I applied for a few jobs on the ProBlogger Job Board and landed my first client in October 2011. Soon thereafter I found my second client. Since then, I haven't sourced any further work - all other clients have come to me via my blog. My first step was always just to do something - even if it was the wrong thing. The greatest lessons are often earned from the mistakes that you make. Inaction is your worst enemy.

4)  What is the main source of income for your internet business?

Freelance writing.

5) What other things besides blogging do you do to build your audience and customer base?

Networking, guest posting and social media. It's that simple, and it's all I work on. I work to create great content on my blog, then I get that content in front of people by connecting to other bloggers in my niche, writing for their sites, and reaching out to likeminded people on social media. Too many people overcomplicate the formula for growing a blog. It doesn't have to be that difficult.

6)  What do you think are the biggest challenges of marketing your business?

Cutting through all of the misinformation and poor advice out there and understanding the basic fundamentals - then taking action.

7) What has been your main difficulty or barrier in running your business to date?

To be honest, there hasn't really been one. It's all come together quite nicely. Whilst it hasn't gone as I expected, I've learnt to adapt to outcomes and go with the flow.

8)What forums do you follow/participate it?

I don't really spend any time in forums.

9) What do you feel is/are the biggest mistakes you have made this far?

I don't think I've made any major mistakes yet. If I could've changed one thing it would have been my approach to my blog up until the past few weeks. It would've grown a lot more quickly.

10) What are your plans for growing your business into the next 3-5 years?

Wow - I don't think that far ahead! I am working in far too dynamic an environment to consider long term plans. My focus is very much short term at the moment. I hope that my blog will be generating a substantial income by the end of this year, through a mixture of (honest and legitimate) affiliate marketing and product(s

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