Interview With Sean For Copy Sean! July 27, 2012

1) What originally gave you the idea to start internet business and how long have you building it out for? I was browsing the internet one day and discovered that a college site I visited regularly was making money. I read an article that revealed the owner of the site was around my age which made me feel like I could accomplish the same. I figured, if I could just make $5 a day, it would at least cover some of my basic needs, like lunch. I’ve been building internet businesses for 2 years now, but found success only 7 months ago. 2) How many hours a week do you spend on your internet business? For the 1st year, I would spend nearly 5 hours per day building my businesses. Today, I spend nowhere near that. I would say it is closer to 5 hours per week now. However, after I take my 3-month summer vacation, I plan to spend close to 9 hours per day on my business. 3)  Ideas are often so hard to implement – tells us a bit about how you started and what were your first steps in creating your site/sites. I’ve started several businesses within my first year online. Some were a small success and others were a huge failure. Each business taught me something that led me closer to the idea that finally hit it big for me. I now currently own a dating advice site for women. 4)  What is the main source of income for your internet business? My main income source is an eBook I have available for my audience. I make five figures a month with the eBook alone. 5) What other things besides blogging do you do to build your audience and customer base? My business relies very heavily on Facebook Ads. I only started to blog this year which I’ve seen has also had an impact on the growth of my customer base. 6)  What do you think are the biggest challenges of marketing your business? The biggest challenge is coming up with new and fresh ideas to target customers. My Facebook Ads usually only last for about a week so I have to swap out the image and ad copy on a weekly basis. It’s a challenge to come up with new ads that will convert. 7) What has been your main difficulty or barrier in running your business to date? The biggest difficulty has been sticking to an idea. Like most entrepreneurs, I get distracted with new projects very easily. I end up spreading myself too thin. The one thing that finally made me successful was coming up with an idea and sticking to that one and only project. Focus is key! 8) What forums do you follow/participate it? Surprisingly, none! 9) What do you feel is/are the biggest mistakes you have made this far? The biggest mistake I’ve made is not running a/b tests early on. I didn’t run any conversion tests on my website until I was already 6 months in and I found that some very minor changes converted in 200% increase in sales. 10) What are your plans for growing your business into the next 3-5 years? I plan to become the number one site for dating advice. I plan to focus more on “brand” and become a well-known name in my niche. In order to accomplish that, I plan to continue to grow my community and network with some of the bigger players in my niche.

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