Taking Action Is The Easiest Way To Deal With Anxiety April 24, 2012

 24 days into my self-employment I have learned many things about myself and how I really am.  It's important to note that changing your direction is possible and in the beginning even the smallest of changes can feel like huge wins and help change your future trajectory. When I was younger, I was a super hustler.  I saved 30K by the time I graduated high school.  Bought a house at 20 for 235K and flipped it two years later for a 40K profit after expenses.  I've been an entrepreneur since day one. Then I moved into my non productive years that have continued up until today.  23-28,  I have been living a "party lifestyle" even though I have slowed down a lot since I meet my girlfriend 1 1/2 years ago. It is almost the end of the month and I'm looking back at what I have accomplished on my site so far and I'm not that impressed.  If I were my boss, I would have a serious heart to heart with me.  It’s like I've been living in a world where I'm still the kid killing in my early 20's but in reality I've slowed down into my late 20's. Granted, I'm being hard on myself as I've grown this site into profitability and have secured first page ranking on Google for all of my money keywords.  If I put the site up for sale I could probably sell in the mid 40K region as is.  However, I was sitting on 67K in cash at 22 so in the past 6 years I've been heading in the wrong direction. Thing is, after waiting tables for so long and being used to the social interaction and constantly being on your feet all day,  making the transition to sitting behind a desk and trying to build Train Horns Delivered 8 hours extremely difficult.  I know this sounds real bitchy but you don’t know until you experience it. 3 days ago, I started setting the alarm @ 8am and forcing myself to be at the office by 9.  This has been helping me out tremendously and has increased my production.  My goal is to grow this blog to help me increase my domains authority and as a by-product my organic search rankings.  This is proving to be hard because noone is reading my blog.  No social sharing, no comments and no interaction make it hard to decide which topics to write about.  I’ve decided to simply “just write” as it says in the Word press editor and write off the top about whatever is on my mind until I can start to get some feedback. I have a wealth of knowledge to share about ecommerce and business;  4 years building this business, 2 years selling real estate, flipping a house and a 3.45 GPA Finance Degree.   I just don't know what my prospective readers want to read.  However, by simply taking action and writing this down I feel extremely better and have finally come up with a title for this post.  So, that is the plan, just keep moving forward and keeping the stress and anxiety away until I get to where I'm going.

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