Celebrity Truck Series - SEAL Team Six F-450 May 13, 2013

SEAL Team Six is one of the most famous military groups known today. This group of Navy SEALs are the men who stormed the compound where Osama Bin Laden was hiding and killed him in a firefight. These brave soldiers brought an end to years of terror and for this, Armen Adjarian, owner of True Bliss Customs in California, felt he should honor them in the best way he knew how, building a custom truck worthy of any member of SEAL Team Six. navy-seal-team-six   The Base Truck Adjarian chose a 2009 Ford F-250 Super Duty as the base truck for this build. Edmunds.com calls the '09 F-450 "the toughest, meanest, beefiest, macho-est truck you can buy." With a review like that, you can see why Adjarian chose this as a base truck for the build out. It can haul 6,000 pounds, and weighs 8,500 pounds! This is one seriously big truck.   Before 2009, this size truck from Ford was only sold commercially for use as ambulances, hauling trucks, and tow trucks. From the factory, the F-450 comes with a 6.4-liter turbo diesel V-8 as the only available engine. The F-450 is only available as a crew-cab body with an 8-foot bed. The dual-rear-wheel setup allows for the increased towing and hauling capacity.   The Build Adjarian wanted this truck to be special as well as tough, just like the members of SEAL Team Six. He started this off by adding a water-methanol injection system by Snow Performance to the engine to increase performance. He also added an S&B intake and a 5-inch straight pipe exhaust to get air in and out of this beast. To help cool the air down that's coming in, a Spearco intercooler was added. All together, this makes for 580 hp and 800 ft-lbs of torque.   Just like the SEALs, this truck was built to go anywhere. With this in mind, Adjarian installed a Rize 8-inch lift kit onto the newly flat-black painted frame. Next, he installed Icon coil overs to help with ride and bump relief. Moving to the back of the truck you'll find Atlas leaf springs and Icon piggyback shocks. All of this is intended to give this truck a solid, stable ride while letting it roll over pretty much anything.   Speaking of rolling over anything, the F-450 has 22 inch American Force Star rims wearing 37 inch Interco SSM16 tires. Custom rims and tires are not easy to find for the F-450, but these fit the build perfectly. As with any build, if you increase the wheel size, you must upgrade the brakes. SSBC slotted and drilled rotors were added to help this truck get some serious stopping power. seal-team-six-custom-truck     Inside and Out SEAL teams are not known for being flashy. They generally slip unnoticed into enemy territory and slip back out with few knowing they were even there. They tend to let their actions speak for them. Adjarian wanted this truck to follow suit, which is why instead of a big flashy paint job, he chose a matte grey vinyl wrap for the truck to subdue some of the truck's presence. This also helps to match the flat grey that Navy ships use. With a vinyl wrap, the truck's "camo" can be changed for the environment, just like the SEALs can do.   Outside, Ranch Hand bumpers were installed, but not before being painted flat black. Not only are they flat black, but the paint used was bed liner spray. This gives them a very utilitarian look and feel, and a ruggedness that is necessary of such a truck. As with any good custom off road truck, a solid winch was installed from Mile Marker. A roof rack was added for increased storage and especially for somewhere to store the extra tire. This rack also allows for increased lighting with a Baja Designs LED light bar and Bulldog Lighting round lights. A Retraxz tonneau cover was added to the bed to protect its contents and to give the truck a sleeker look.   The interior is where the utilitarian look and feel ends. The interior of this F-450 starts with heated and cooled seats wrapped in black Katzkin leather. To keep this look going, the headliner has the same leather application. Adjarian chose to stick with the stock navigation head unit, but added a Cobra CB radio for better communication.   The Details Details are what make or break a custom truck. For this F-450, the details are where it shines. From the subtle design in the vinyl wrap, to the flat black bumpers, this truck is less about flash and more about detail. Once of the best details is the custom aluminum badges made by Billet Badges for this build. They feature the SEAL Team Six name and logo in place of the standard Ford ones. This adds a nice touch and reminds everyone what the truck is all about.   Wrapping It Up This truck was built to honor the members of SEAL Team Six. Of course it does more than that, as it is a damn cool truck to look at, and I'm sure it's even better to drive. All the details that came together to make this truck a rolling dedication to not only SEAL Team Six, but as a tribute to everyone serving in the armed forces today. All in all, I'd say this is a solid build dedicated to some amazing guys.  Take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Unimog U1300!

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