1967 Chevy C-10 "Copperhead" July 01, 2013

Custom trucks are a thing of beauty. Classic trucks can be showstoppers, too. When you combine a classic truck with a custom truck, one of the best outcomes you could hope for is Stacey David's '67 Chevy C-10. Featured on the TV show Trucks!, this build was done from the ground up with all new parts and paint. When you enter the world of custom and classic trucks, you often see one of two major schools of thought when the truck was built. Either the truck is meant for show, or it's meant for go. Stacey David wanted both, which was the start of Copperhead. image1 David wanted even more than show and go, he wanted reliability. All three of these are rarely found in a truck. It is near impossible to get a truck to look show quality, be fast as hell, and be reliable enough to drive daily. Nothing's impossible, so David set out to build the best of all three worlds. Modifications David left most of the exterior un-modified. He chose to only shave off the dip rails from the cab, since he felt the truck had such nice lines to begin with. The biggest exterior modification is the one everyone should notice first and that is the "copperhead metallic" paint job. A golden orange color, it stands out from the crowd without being too bright or annoying. All the chrome was replaced, and a little extra was added in the way of chrome wheels. A super polish and shine helps the show quality come through with this truck, while the real showstopper stays hidden under the hood. image2 The Powertrain This is where Copperhead shines. The very first pre-production GM Performance ZZ572 crate engine lives at the center of this truck. The engine boasts 620 hp by itself, but that's not where the horsepower stops. A 150 hp nitrous system was installed, as well as dual exhaust and overdrive. All of this hiding in plain view makes for the definition of a sleeper! All that power means nothing if you can't get it to the wheels, so a Dana 60 transmission was chosen with 35 spline axles, 3.73 gears, posi-traction, and 1/2" studs. image3 The Specifics The bed was done in wood, with exotic canary wood chosen for its match to the truck's paint job. With all the go the engine provides, some serious stopping power is a definite must. This was provided by Baer brakes in the way of disc brakes all around with steel brake lines, hoses, and a new ABS system. Don't think the truck is all show and go, either. AC was installed in this build, because it's no fun sweating the summer heat away while your truck looks good. Vintage Air provided a custom AC solution to fit in the classic ride. The Interior The original bench seat was nixed for C-5 Corvette seats and a 5-point restraint system was installed because, well, with all that power, you really do need to be safe. image4 Custom interior panels were made especially for this build, as well as new carpeting and a new stock-look stereo. Wheels and Suspension 17" Proxes ST rims were chosen for their classic look, and were wrapped in Toyo tires. As for suspension, a 4" drop was done in the rear with springs, and a 2 1/2 " drop was done to the front with drop spindles, coils, and a new sway bar. Overall, this is one serious ride. Made to look great, win awards, and beat any takers all the while being able to be driven every day. In my book that's a 10 out of 10.

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