Celebrity Trucks Series - Shaquille O'Neal's Custom Jeep April 22, 2013

Shaquille O'Neill is known for being larger than life. Being big both in size and personality, it takes a special truck to fit Shaq. Enter West Coast Customs. Shaq went to Ryan and his WCC crew to design a one-of-a-kind truck to call his own. The base vehicle chosen was a 4 door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Anyone that follows Shaq knows he is a car guy. He's had everything from super cars to SUVs built for him, each one crazier and flashier than the last, and all with his signature Superman logo. For his jeep, however, Shaq wanted something more low key and sophisticated. Let's check out his truck and how it's unique to him.   image1 The Base Truck Before you see what was done to Shaq's truck, you first need to see what they started with. The Jeep originated in World War II as a military vehicle. It soon made it's way into the private sector with the Willys civilian Jeep, or CJ, in the 1950s. It wasn't until 1986 that the Jeep would first sport the Wrangler name. The current Jeeps, including the Unlimited, carry the JK designation. The Wrangler Unlimited first came on the market in 2006 at the New York Auto Show. This model was stretched and was the first Wrangler to have four doors. With a 3.6 litre V6 VVT engine mated to a 5 speed automatic transmission, this Jeep can get up and go, too. The Unlimited comes standard with cloth embroidered seats and a fairly standard interior. The Build The first big change that was decided was the size of the interior and door. Shaq is a big man, so the four doors were taken off and turned into two large doors. The stock front doors were cut and extended to accommodate the larger opening. The doors now fit someone of Shaq's stature much better. While I'm stating this in a few sentences, it really is amazing that this can be done so seamlessly by the WCC crew, when done, it looks like the doors were meant to be this way. Along with the larger doors came adjusted seats. The seats were moved back to better fit Shaq and give him all the legroom he needs. image2 Once the doors were done, it was time to modify the suspension, bumpers, wheels, and everything else you would expect for a Jeep meant for the off road. WCC installed a magna flow exhaust to give the Jeep a deep throaty sound and to help get a few more HP out of the stock engine. The suspension is a Pro Comp suspension lift sitting on fuel wheels with Pro Comp Xtreme AT tires. The bumper and rockers were upgraded to Poison Spyder Brawlers and a Smittybilt winch with a Factor 55 Prolink shackle mount was added to get out of trouble if the Jeep ever sees the mud, which I strongly doubt. image3 Inside And Out In keeping with Shaq's want to tone down his standard rides, a matte black paint job was applied, which paired with the black and brushed rims, gives the Jeep a mean look. The only really flashy part to the exterior is the Rigid Industries off road LED lighting, but flashy is kind of something you want in lighting. Keeping with the toned down look and feel, the embroidered seats were replaced with black leather with suede inserts. Shaq's signature was added to each seat in place of his standard Superman logo, to add a little personality to the Jeep while keeping it low key. This is where low-key ends in the interior, however. A Pioneer audio and video system was installed, including 4 amplifiers driving a full surround system including integrated Pioneer subwoofers behind the front seats. image4 Thanks to the Jeep having set back seats and the extreme sound system, the four-seater jeep was cut back to only two seats, just like the doors. This is how so much was squeezed into such a small package like a Jeep. The Details As you can see in the pictures, the jeep has a definite unique look, and is as big as it's 7 foot tall owner. The best parts of this Jeep are in the details. The custom glass for the side windows and the door windows, the custom drop top, fully custom frame, and custom exhaust and lighting are so well done that you don't notice them. Everything comes together nicely to make a one of a kind truck. While I doubt this truck will ever see a trail, knowing it has the power and ability to forge a trail and get itself out is nice to know. It's more than just show; it's got a lot of go to back it up. With Shaq's big voice and personality, I think they missed out by not adding a custom train horn to the Jeep as well, but that's just me. image5 Wrapping It UP All in all, Shaq's jeep fits him perfectly, both in it's custom size and in the statement it makes. It's big, sleek, and imposing. It doesn't shout what it's about, but stands silently above the rest, which is how it's owner is in real life. Shaq currently still owns this Jeep, along with his stretches Lamborghini, Mercedes S-Class, SRT8 Charger, and his huge custom International CST truck. He might be toning it down from some of these others, but Shaq's Jeep is one mean truck. image6

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