Celebrity Truck Series - Anthony Carter’s Lime Green Hummer H2 June 26, 2013

NBA players are known for their love of spending money. They buy the hottest cars, flashiest jewelry, and newest clothes. It's no wonder that some of the most interesting custom trucks come from NBA players. Take Anthony Carter for example. This point guard has one of the flashiest H2s I've seen so far and he loves showing it off. While not in the NBA any more, his love of flashy rides continues. In this post we look at the celebrity truck from Anthony Carter. The H2 I'm referring to here is a lime green Hummer H2 that sits on 28" rims. Being lime green and having huge rims is usually more than enough to get noticed, but to top it off, Carter had The Incredible Hulk airbrushed onto the hood. While he is admittedly not a Hulk fan, he felt the hulk fit the color scheme nicely. This isn't the first neon-colored ride this NBA star has had. He's owned a candy purple Escalade, a Mercedes that was tangerine red, and a '67 Lincoln that was white and pink.   image1 The Exterior Looking at this ride, obviously the first thing you notice is the color. Carter had his wife pick the color out from a book of hundreds of colors. The H2 that started it’s life yellow, quickly became a bright lime green. Of course you can't just paint a Hummer lime green, so The Incredible Hulk lent his stature to the Hummer H2 in the way of some quality airbrush work. The next thing you notice is the rims. 28" rims highlighted with the same lime green and chrome as the rest of the Hummer. While these aren't the absolute largest rims that will fit on a Hummer H2, Carter felt they gave his ride the stance he was looking for. After checking out multiple angles, I'd have to agree.   image2   Chrome was added everywhere it could be on the exterior while keeping a nice balance with the lime green paint. Chrome bumpers, door pulls, running boards, and light accents all set the green paint off nicely.   The Interior Getting into the front seats of this Hummer H2 is done by entering through Lambo doors that open and swing up; a very unique feature for a custom SUV.     image3   Once inside, the interior of this Hummer H2 is just as flashy as the exterior. Ostrich leather seats in two-tone are accented by more lime green spread throughout the interior. Carter's initials are used multiple times in the interior, including in the custom door panels that house 3 speakers each, every head rest, and even on a custom shift knob that is shaped like a chrome basketball.     image4   Folding down the rear seats reveals a hidden audio surprise. 6 Diamond Audio 15" subwoofers are mounted facing into the cabin and are visible once the seat is folded down. Each subwoofer in this Hummer H2 has it's own dedicated 1,200 amplifier driving it. Obviously a standard electrical system couldn't handle such a load, so 3 additional batteries, a second alternator, and eight capacitors were installed to help this truck move some air. Topping off the sound system is multiple video screens. Each front seat headrest has one, there are visor screens, and a double-DIN screen in the dash. image5     Overall This is one awesome Hummer H2. It might be a little over the top with the additional chrome and airbrushed Hulk on the hood, which even Carter admits. He does say it's his favorite vehicle to drive, however, because of all the looks it gets, and that it makes kids happy wherever he goes. All in all, this is a great example of a custom Hummer H2 click here to check out the Humvee Replacement.

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