American Expedition Vehicle’s Brute Double Cab October 21, 2013

aev-brute-jeep-wrangler Talk to just about any Jeep enthusiast and one of the most common requests you’ll hear about is a truck version of the Jeep Wrangler. While Mopar does make a pickup conversion kit for the Wrangler, it actually turns the 4-door into a 2-door. There is a much better solution out there, and it’s from American Expedition Vehicles. The Brute Double Cab is a conversion for the Wrangler Unlimited that basically turns the Wrangler into an entirely new vehicle. The Brute conversion takes a regular Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-door and turns it into an awesome off-road monster.   The Basics The Brute Double Cab is a conversion for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited done by American Expedition Vehicles. This means to get the conversion done, you first need to purchase the base Jeep. Once you have the Jeep, you send it to AEV and the conversion process starts. The Brute isn’t just a converted Jeep, but is really built as a new vehicle. The frame is stretched, the suspension, wheels, and just about everything else is upgraded with new, custom-made parts. All this and the Brute Double Cab doesn’t gain a single pound over the Jeep Unlimited!   The Specs First off, the Jeep is stretched nearly 40 inches in multiple locations using boxed frame rails. This stretch lengthens the wheel base over 20 inches and prepares the frame for the bed. The bed itself is 61” x 60” made from cored composite. The composite bed is actually stronger than the previous steel bed AEV was using, and around 160 pounds lighter. Most of the upgrades done to the Jeep to turn it into the Brute Double Cab are with parts manufactured by AEV specifically for this application. For example, the front and rear bumpers are made by AEV. The Double Cab bumper gets installed in the rear and the Premium bumper for the front with IPF 901 off-road lights and a WARN 9.5 cti winch attaching nicely. Even the winch mount is custom made by AEV. aev-brute-wrangler-unlimited   Depending on the trim level, other AEV-manufactured parts include a front skid plate, heat-reduction hood, 17” alloy wheels with BF Goodrich 35” Mud-Terrain tires, 3.5” dual-sport suspension, and an upgraded instrument cluster. A new water pump kit and under mount spare tire get fabricated by AEV specifically for the Brute as well as rocker guards, the hard top, and even custom stitching for the headrests with AEV branding.  Toss in a serialized build plaque and this is one seriously customized ride. These aren’t even the best part. For an additional fee, AEV can upgrade the engine to the HEMI V8. The 6.4L V8 puts out 470 HP and 465 LB-FT of torque!   Trim Levels There are two basic trim levels for the Brute Double Cab: bdc-dc250-trim     The DC250, which starts at $30,000 for the upgrade, gives the customization for the bed and frame elongation, as well as the following:
  • 61" X 60" Cored Composite Bed
  • Stamped Steel Cab Closeout
  • Double Cab Hardtop
  • Double Cab Rocker Guards
  • AEV Double Cab Rear Bumper
  • AEV Water Pump Kit
  • AEV Under Mount Tire Carrier
  • AEV 2.5" DualSport XT Suspension
  • AEV ProCal
  • AEV Jack Base
  • AEV Badging
  • AEV Instrument Cluster
  • AEV Logo Headrest
  • AEV Serialized Build Plaque
bdc-dc350-trim     The DC350, which starts at $40,000 for the customization has all the above features and adds the following:
  • AEV Premium Front Bumper
  • IPF 901 Off-Road Lights
  • AEV Front Skid Plate
  • AEV Winch Mount
  • Warn 9.5cti Winch
  • AEV Heat Reduction Hood
  • AEV 17" Alloy Wheels
  • BF Goodrich 35" Mud-Terrain Tires
Remember, those prices do NOT include the Jeep itself, that’s just for the customization and parts.   Wrap-Up The AEV Brute Double Cab isn’t for the faint of heart or checkbook, but if you really can’t live without this totally unique Jeep then American Expedition Vehicles is where you need to look. It is pretty amazing what a company can do when it focuses on quality over cost-effectiveness and when it can’t find parts at a high enough quality level makes their own. AEV does just that, and as a result has one of the most interesting and toughest Jeep conversions out there.

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