Zombie Slayer: The Jeep Wrangler ZS1 Limited Edition December 16, 2013

zombie-slayer-jeep-header All you need to do is watch TV or go see a movie to see that zombies are one of the most popular horror foes out there. From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead, zombies seem to be everywhere. The zombie trend has even started invading off-road design as people try to prep themselves for the coming invasion. If you don’t want to customize a truck or Jeep yourself, there are pre-made options out there, like the Zombie Slayer ZS1 Jeep Wrangler. Thought up by Massey Yardley Jeep out of Florida, this Jeep is one unique ride that should help you fend off the zombies for as long as you have some gas left. Performance From the factory the Jeep Wrangler comes with a 3.6L Pentastar V6 that puts out 285HP and 260 ft/lb of torque. The ZS1 adds a Gibson performance dual exhaust and a Mopar performance intake to help the engine breathe a little easier. Exterior zombie-slayer-jeep-exterior   The ZS1 starts its life as either a 2 or 4-door black Jeep Wrangler. From there it gains features that give it both style and functionality. The LED lighted added to the edges of the windshield give superior lighting when off-road in the dark. The headlights and fog lights received Oracle LED halos that glow bright green, just like a zombie’s eyes. While this feature is definitely more show than it is go, it’s still pretty cool. The black Jeep gains a fully blacked-out look with the heavy-duty steel bumpers installed in the front and rear with a matte black finish. The front bumper comes with a WARN XD 9000i winch and the rear offers dual tow hooks. The stance of the Jeep is adjusted thanks to a 3” suspension lift and Rockstar black XD Wheels wrapped in 35” Mickey Thompson MTX tires. Even the lug nuts are black. To help you get into the newly lifted Jeep, there are Mopar side steps that have been blacked out as well. To finish up the exterior look the doors have been replaced with Body Armor cloth doors and the rear of the jeep is wrapped in Smittybuilt heavy-duty safari netting. All of this helps for easy loading and unloading of people and supplies. Best of all, less glass to worry about being shattered by hungry zombies! Interior zombie-slayer-jeep-interior   The interior of the ZS1 has fewer upgrades than the exterior, but it still carries the look and feel of the Zombie Slayer inside. Every headrest is embroidered with the Zombie Slayer logo, which is carried over to the all-weather floor liners. The passenger grab-bar is specially branded with the ZS1 logo, too. What’s Missing? While this Jeep is seriously cool, it could stand to have a few more upgrades to make it a real zombie slayer. First, a good snorkel would do wonders to make sure the engine doesn’t get hydro locked. A good first-aid kit and a matte paint job would be nice additions as well. Since this is a Jeep that’s being customized by the dealership, upgrades like these aren’t done to keep the cost reasonable and at an extra $17,000 above a stock Wrangler, anything that can keep the cost down is very welcome! zombie-slayer-jeep-side-view   Wrap-Up The ZS1 Wrangler is a great example of a dealer-customized Jeep that goes above what you can expect from your regular dealer. IT’s unique enough that you won’t see too many similar ones driving around but still carries all the same warranties as a new Jeep, since the dealer did the work.

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