5 Of The Best Places in the US to Off-Road January 20, 2014

best-off-road-header If you’re reading this, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re a fan of off-roading. While hitting the trails in your town is pretty fun, there are a few places around the country that stand out as being the best places to take your truck to have some fun. A few caveats before getting into the list, though. There are literally hundreds of beautiful and challenging places in the country to off-road, and a list of all of them would be pretty exhausting to make, so I tried to narrow this down to the top 5. I’m sure everyone has a top 5 they believe should be on the list, but these are the ones I chose. While numbered, they are in no particular order. Feel free to add your favorite pass in the comments below.  Now with that out of the way, on the main event, be safe out there.  1. Rausch Creek Off Road Park, PA best-off-road-rausch (Photo courtesy of flickr) Known as the Moab of the East Coast (even though PA isn’t on a coast, per say), Rausch Creek is nearly 3,000 acres of trails for any skill level. If you’re on the eastern half of the US and looking for a wild 4x4 experience, this is definitely what you’re looking for. It’s worth nothing that you need to have at least two vehicles in your group. They have a forum so you can meet up with others in case you’re planning on going solo. 2. Canyon Country, UT best-off-road-canyon-country (Photo courtesy of flickr) Utah’s Canyon Country features a 100-mile trail that gives you a beautiful view of red rock canyons, mesas, and stunning 1,000-foot overlooks of the Green and Colorado rivers. With some of the most amazing scenery possible this is definitely a trip you want to bring your camera for. 3. Engineer Pass, CO best-off-road-engineer-pass (Photo courtesy of flickr) Part of the famous Alpine Loop, Engineer Pass is a blast for drivers of all experience levels. At just about 20 miles long, the Engineer Pass route is fun and amazingly scenic. There are some narrow and steep portions of the trail, making it challenging for everyone. Due to the elevation, Engineer Pass is not open for the winter months, and can be more than tricky in wet weather. 4. Rubicon Trail, CA best-off-road-rubicon (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)   Located in the Sierra Nevada region, the Rubicon Trail is one of the most well known trails in the US. The 22-mile route is part road and part trail, and has entrances at Wentworth Springs and the Lake Look Spillway. The Rubicon Trail is actually partially on private property at Rubicon Springs. Rubicon is home to the annual Jeep Jamboree as well as the Toyota Land Cruiser Association’s Rubithon. The trail is so quintessential to the 4x4 world, that Jeep even named a model after it. 5. Moab, UT best-off-road-moab (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia) The last entry on our short list of best places in the US to off-road is Moab, Utah. With stunning scenery and more hills and rocks than you could ever wish for, the Moab area is possibly the best entry on this list. Host to the Easter Jeep Safari and home to over 30 unique trails, the Moab area is a haven for anyone who loves off-roading. The trails range from novice to highly advanced; meaning there’s something here for everyone. Wrap-Up There are amazing off-roading escapes all over the country just waiting for people just like you to come give them a try. Too often we only pay attention to the trails within our own areas and forget there are some places that are just begging to be driven on. Hopefully you found at least one place in this list that’s within driving distance and maybe you even found a vacation spot for this summer.

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