5 Interesting Benefits to Lifting Your Truck February 03, 2014


It’s an accepted fact that if you off-road with your truck that you should have a good suspension lift, but few people really know why. Sure a lifted truck looks great, but there’s some real benefit to getting your truck a little higher off the ground and a few of them you may have not even thought of. Here are the top 5 benefits to giving your truck a suspension lift.  If you need a refresher on lifting your truck.  

1. Ground Clearance

Lifted truck ground clearance (Photo courtesy of flickr) The biggest benefit to giving your truck a suspension lift is ground clearance. A well-traveled trail will most certainly have ruts that can get a normal truck easily stuck while a lifted truck will have the additional clearance necessary to drive through them without a second thought. Along with ruts you have to worry about angles. This isn’t about the angle of the trail, but the approach, breakover, and departure angles of your truck. Basically an approach angle deals with how steep of a hill you can climb, the breakover angle indicates how steep of a crest the truck can overcome and finally the departure angle tells you the steepest grade you can go down without digging your rear bumper into the hill. The higher your truck is the better all three of these angles will be. Bumpers and suspension play a part, but lift really matters.

2. Improved Towing

lifted truck towing (Photo courtesy of Powerstroke) Raising your truck will help you tow better. We’re not talking about a huge lift, but a few inches can give you a better ride with your load attached as well as get you loaded and unloaded a lot easier. By giving the truck a higher center of gravity with a suspension lift, you’re making it safer to haul heavier loads like a large trailer or big boat. Speaking of boats, a little bit of lift can go a long way with getting your boat loaded and unloaded. You have to back into the water to unload a boat and if the boat launch isn’t made well, you could be up you your doors with water before the boat is ready to come off.

3. Get a Better View

lifted truck view (Photo courtesy of flickr) The higher up you are, the better view you have. What is true for sightseeing is the same for driving a lifted truck. A lifted truck affords the driver a better view of the road, which means better safety on the road as well as off of it. A better view means a quicker response to problems as well as an overall better situational awareness. This can help you avoid a wreck on the road and keep you from getting stuck off-road.

4. Clearing Obstacles

off road obstacles (Photo courtesy of flickr) A rock or log on the trail might mean the end for a non-lifted truck but with a good suspension lift you can clear these types of obstacles with ease. Leaving the trail for a moment, a lifted truck will get you over many common on-road obstacles as well. Debris in the road could destroy a regular truck but a lifted truck could roll right over it. It’s not uncommon to have to drive over a curb to park in a field or move around a stranded car, but with a non-lifted truck this could mean damage to the undercarriage or worse, the fuel tank or major mechanical part.

5. The Look

lifted-truck-benefit-look (Photo courtesy of flickr) Finally, it all comes down to the look. Whether you’re lifting your truck a few inches or more than a foot, a lifted truck has a better stance and all-around better style; something anyone can appreciate. You really can’t beat the look of a lifted truck with bigger tires. From the factory, trucks have to walk a tightrope of height and comfort for a variety of drivers, but once the truck is all yours, giving it the look you want with a good suspension lift is the best way to make it stand out from the crowd.


There’re obviously more benefits to lifting your truck but this is really the top five and if you need more reasons to lift your ride, there’s probably something else keeping you from doing it in the first place. Instead, think of this list as a way to explain to all the people that are bound to ask you why you raised your truck instead of “it just looks cool!” (Header photo courtesy of flickr)

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