The Chevrolet Reaper aims to put the Ford SVT Raptor in the grave March 06, 2014

By now, everyone already knows about the Ford SVT Raptor pickup truck. It’s got a 6.2 liter V8, 411 horsepower, 434 lb.-ft. of torque, and a slew of options just like the rest of the Ford truck lineup. 355296 Photo Credit: In the perennial war of Ford vs. Chevy, Chevrolet fans have been clamoring for General Motors to step up to the plate with a competitor, but thus far, they’ve been mute on the subject. Fortunately for fans, though, performance company Lingenfelter and custom vehicle outfitter Southern Comfort Automotive have stepped up to the plate with the Chevrolet Reaper. 01-lingenfelter-reaper-chicago-1 Photo Credit: Gawker Southern Comfort Automotive is a well-known vehicle customizer. They’re known for outfitting vehicles with incredibly over-the-top luxury and performance features. They already have quite the following in the high-performance Camaro market, as well as the custom van and SUV market. Their slogan is, “Work stronger. Play harder. Live better … in Southern Comfort.” and they take it seriously. Lingenfelter is an aftermarket tuning organization, much like Hennessey or Saleen, You might have heard of them because of their crazy twin-turbocharged Corvettes. They’ve been taking anything and everything they can get their hands on and making it better and faster for over 40 years. That twin-turbocharged Corvette I mentioned? It’s got 1,109 horsepower at the rear wheels. They’re that serious. Lingenfelter_427_TT_Commemorative_C6_9 Photo Credit: The Lingenfelter Collection Now they’re making their first foray into the truck market with the Reaper. Making its public debut at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the Lingenfelter Reaper is packing some incredible pedigree. Its special suspension has Fox Racing shocks, and it sits three inches higher than the regular Silverado on which it’s based. This also gives the truck a longer suspension travel, for bigger and better off-road performance. How much longer? Try 25% - 9.2 inches in the front, and 11.2 inches in the rear. The 20 inch wheels are wrapped in 33 inch General Grabber rubber, and under the hood you have the choice of either 5.3 or 6.2 liter Chevrolet V8s with a tuned Lingenfelter exhaust system. If that’s not enough for you, a Magnuson TVS1900 supercharger is an available add on goodie for either engine, and if you want to do some REALLY serious off-roading, a set of 17 inch beadlock wheels can also be ordered. The supercharged trucks make incredible levels of power. The 5.3 liter Reaper makes 475 horsepower, and the big daddy 6.2 makes an incredible 550 horsepower. 10-lingenfelter-reaper-chicago-1 Photo Credit: AutoBlog On the outside, you can see several differences between the Reaper and the standard issue Chevy Silverado on which it’s based. Special badging and “REAPER” vinyl side graphics might be the first to catch your eye as the truck goes down the street, but a closer inspection reveals custom bodywork, too. Namely, huge fender flares to accommodate the big wheel and tire package, a Reaper-specific hood, and a Reaper-specific grille package make up the bulk of the appearance package.   ku-xlarge Photo Credit: AutoBlog   The most interesting part of the Reaper’s appearance, though, is the new bumpers with integrated LED off-road lights. Reportedly, the team working on the Reaper needed to re-work the front bumper after the OEM Silverado bumper was ripped off during a high-speed test run. The new style bumper adds 8 inches of clearance to the nose. Customers can also select options, including power side step extensions, a bed cover, an available roof rack, durable Weathertech floor mats, a large 50 inch off-road light bar, and more. Pricing is reported to start from the mid $50,000 bracket. Move over, Raptor. Your number is up. It’s time for the Lingenfelter Reaper. Are you in the market for a truck like this? Now you’ve got options.

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