4 Innovative Features In New Trucks That Make The Job Easier April 10, 2014

Once upon a time, trucks were seen as nothing more than work vehicles. They had no features, no creature comforts, and certainly weren't intended to be appreciated or enjoyed. They worked. That's it. These days, however, the landscape has changed. Trucks can do anything cars can. They can be fast, luxurious, beautiful, and even fun. However, even today, a certain subset of truck buyers are looking at them purely for work purposes. These innovative features from new trucks are making it easier to get the job done. 1. GPS Navigation We know that GPS systems aren't exclusive to trucks, nor were they even first developed for trucks, but hear us out. Work trucks stand to gain an incredible amount of functionality from the systems just like everyone else. [caption id="attachment_1426" align="alignnone" width="300"]Photo Credit: Chevrolet Photo Credit: Chevrolet[/caption] As you probably know, GPS stands for Global Positioning Satellite, which means that your truck's location is tracked via a network of satellites orbiting above us in space. Aside from just getting you directions from point-A to point-B, GPS systems can also be used by offices to assist in tracking their trucks, making sure that they stay on the job site and are doing what they're supposed to. This translates into savings on fuel, maintenance, and man hours for employees. 2. In-truck Wi-Fi Connectivity Let's face it. Sometimes the environments where trucks have to go to work aren't exactly akin to downtown Los Angeles. In-truck Wi-Fi connectivity can be a boon to an already powerful workforce by giving access to online materials that process orders, buy supplies, or communicate with the office in a faster and more reliable way than is often possible with mobile data. Better communication improves workflow; and improved workflow leads to greater productivity and overall savings for the company. 3. Tailgate Steps You know what can sometimes be a real pain in the neck (or back, or legs, for that matter)? Climbing into the bed of your truck. Sure, you can put the tailgate down and jump up there, but this is an often difficult task, especially if you're already carrying a tool belt full of heavy items that you're going to use on the job. [caption id="attachment_1425" align="alignnone" width="300"]2010-F150-Box-Side-Step-and-Tailgate-Step Photo Credit: Ford[/caption] Well, a few years ago, the Ford F-150 came forward and answered the question everybody asked with the tailgate step. It's so simple, it's a wonder no one had thought of it before. How it works is simple. The step is integrated into the tailgate of the truck, so when it isn't being used, it isn't being seen. However, when you do need it, you pull it straight out, and then down and into position. Now you've got a much lower platform that you can use to get in and out of the truck - making hauling those bags of mulch, rocks, or almost anything else much much easier. 4. Non-traditional storage options You might be thinking, "It's a pickup truck! How much more storage could you possibly need?!" However, imagine the average work truck. It's got tools, supplies, probably a tool box full of tools taking a portion of the bed, maybe some sheets of plywood, a ladder, some buckets, paint, and who knows what else. Maybe you find yourself frequently carrying large items that take the entire length of the bed and don't have room for a traditional truck bed tool box. [caption id="attachment_1424" align="alignnone" width="300"]2009 Dodge Ram Laramie RamBox Photo Credit: Dodge[/caption] No problem. New trucks are innovating in the storage department now more than ever before. These new options are opening up ways for you to bring more without looking unprofessional and cluttered. What's your favorite new truck innovation that helps you get work done? Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments!

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