How Many Decibels Can a Train Horn Put Out? August 09, 2014

Decibel is a logarithmic unit of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity; it is used to measure sound level among others. If you are having a normal conversation then you are producing 60-70 decibels, if you are in a loud rock concert, the sound reaches up to 125 decibel.

Can you guess what a train horn kits can produce? Most of the horns produce 140 decibels, while some even reach up to 152 decibels.

This loud sound is produced by compressing the air, and then releasing air causing the diaphragm to quickly open and close the airway. The normal car horns use the method of electromagnetism, which is different from train horns. Some factor play an important role in producing such a high sound, they include size of air tank, compressor, hose.

As the saying goes, size does matter, in this case, it certainly does, as a bigger size of air tank means, more space for air, resulting in louder sound. Same is the case with air compressor, if there is more than one compressor, it will take less time to refill the air in the air tank, making the train horn more effective, and compressors are rated by PSI or pounds per square inch.

Trumpets are used to deliver sound, 3 trumpets can produce 140 decibels, 4 or more trumpets can produce sound up to 152 decibels. So if you want to go extra mile with the sound, make sure you buy quad train horns.

There are many types train horns available in the market, starting from 98 decibels reaching to 152 decibels. It is recommended to the individual to use ear plugs, while installing train horns.

High level of sound can damage hearing; therefore it is urged to the users to use the train horns sensibly, the individual should be aware of the fact that some horns have capabilities to produce a blasting sound. The individual should know regulations regarding noise pollutions, using these horns off road is acceptable but using these horns on the streets of the city, they can be sued as there are many districts and states have that have laws regarding noise pollution.

If you are looking to make an “impact” on others, you have to use train horns, a large variety of car horns are available to fit all needs and demands of different models. Train horns are more than an instrument producing loud sound; it is an important tool, which can prevent accidents on the highway and is more than just an item of showboating and playing pranks on people.

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