How to Mount a Train Horn to Your Ride? August 09, 2014

A horn is an instrument used to alert the pedestrian and other drivers to prevent an accident but recently they have been used beyond the basic necessity. Train horns have been adopted as an accessory to make your vehicle look trendy. Forget the chrome rims, neon lights and the glittery paint job, the new thing is loud horns, of course not just any horns, real train horns, to make the heads turn.

Their importance can be seen on the railway crossings, where they prevent accidents and saves life. In the suburbs, especially at night, they are a blessing as they can alert human and animals alike, to take appropriate action.

It is surprising to know that most people don’t know that train horns can be installed in cars. Once you know, installing it is an easy process. First thing that you do after buying the train horn kit, is to confirm that it comprises of basic parts like air valves, compressors, air tanks and horn, equipped with an installation manual, then look for the best suitable place for its placement. There are two options inside the car, you can install it inside the bonnet or in the trunk as train horn needs space to be fitted in. Or you can mount the horns to the frame underneath the truck.  

Then you should check the regulations reguarding noise pollution in your state, as most state prohibit the use of loud sounds as it disturbs the environment. Many states have specified sound range and you should verify that the horn you are acquiring abides with that legal regulation posed by your state.

Select a suitable place, where to install the train horn, away from traffic and population as it can attract legal problems for you if it is installed in an unsuitable place. Read the manual, it will guide you thorough the installation process, make sure that the position of your train horn is correct, as improper position of the train horn can hinder in the correct functioning of the train horn. Make sure that you do the wiring correctly as it is very essential to the proper functioning of the train horn. If you face problems installing the train horn, contact a mechanic and let him do the work. Here is a quick video as well on How To Install A Train Horn Kit.

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