Loudest Train Horns on the Market August 09, 2014

There are many cars on the road, most of them look alike, drive alike, and so the question is how you can stand out from the crowd. The answer is train horns, not many people know about them. But slowly they are becoming popular.

There are number of accident cases reported, which took place because there was absence of loud train horns, which can alert the other car drivers and even animals. They are a blessing in suburbs, especially at night, where visibility is extremely poor. Train horns can be heard from a distance hence alerting passersby, pedestrian and animals. Having a high level of intensity horns can be dangerous to the health of others. Therefore it is recommended to use a train horn ranging between 85.74 - 90.37 decibels. But if you are planning to use train horns responsibly and outside quite zones, then there are train horns with a capability to produce sound up to 152 decibel.

Most of the train horns can produce 120-140 decibels, but if you add a little hardware to the train horn, it can increase its capabilities up to 152 decibels. A large air tanks means that it can store more air, which results in loud sound, air tanks have different sizes, if loud sound is what you are looking for then make sure that you don’t have an air tank, with a capacity of less than 1 gallon, large air tank are capable of storing 5 gallons of air. There are many horns available in the market, ranging from $299 to well over $2,000, some of the loudest from them are; the Class 1 train horn kit by quake can hit 152 decibels. Air Chime K5LA Train Horn Kit with Horn Air 540 Air System, with a 5 gallon air tank is one of the loudest air horns available in the market, which is used in trains and other locomotives, Air Chime P5 540 Train Horn Kit, Air Chime P3 540 Train Horn Kit and the Loudmouth 150 PSI Quad Train Horn Kit.

There is a social responsibility of every person who buys train horn to use it properly and abstain from using the horn irrationally.

If you are looking to make a “loud impression” on others, you have to use train horns, a large range of car horns are accessible to fit all requirements and demands of different models. Train horns are more than an instrument producing loud sound; it is a vital tool, which can avert accidents on the highway and is more than just an item of showboating and playing pranks on people.

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