What Does a Train Horn Sound Like? August 09, 2014

I’m sure that most of you have heard the sound of train as it nears the station, alerting every person waiting or unaware of the train is near.  A train horn produces a loud piercing sound in the air, reaching the ears of everyone present in the area, the sound is audible from miles away and even before the train becomes visible to the naked eye.

Loud is probably best word to describe the sound of a train horn. It is an item, which has numerous benefits.  It began life as a way to prevent accidents but now it has become a trendy new automotive accessory.  Loud and clear, clear enough to be heard from miles away. It is a necessity in locomotives such as trains, where there is a need of alerting a passerby to be wary of the fact that a train is coming, which can ultimately save a life.

It is recommended to use a train horn ranging between 85.74 - 90.37 decibels as having a high level of intensity horns can be dangerous to the health of others. Most of the train horns can produce 130 decibels, while a little modification to the horn can upgrade it to152 decibels. The size of air tank, air compressor, hose, etc has a major say in the amount of sound produced by the horn. If the size of the train horn is large, then it can store more air, resulting in a more powerful sound. If there is more than one compressor in the train horn kit, it can speed up the process of refilling air in the air tank, hence resulting in a more dominant sound. Increasing the number of trumpets, which help in delivering the sound, can also increase the intensity of sound.

The list of train horns available in the market is a long one, prices ranging from $200 to $2000, with models available for vehicles and locomotives.

These train horns are very loud as mentioned before and hence can cause damage to ears, if used irresponsibly; in cities, districts and quiet zones. Even during its installation it is recommended to use devices to protect your ears as it can cause serious damage and hinder in the hearing capability of an individual.

It is a characteristic of the train horn, to warn the ignorant and alert the passersby so that they may take suitable action, to save their own life. Bearing in mind the recent popularity of the train horn it can also be said that is the next big thing in automobile accessory. So make sure you get your hands on train horn as soon as possible.

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