Ultimate Resource Guide For Conducting Model Trains August 09, 2014

Model trains have been popular for years, and collecting them is still going strong as the times move forward. A lot of people have different reasons for adopting model trains as their hobby. This might be because their family does it or perhaps they like trains in general. Not only is it a great hobby to develop, but it is an interactive past time and can help develop skills such as strategic planning, electrical skills, engineering, model construction, and conceptualization.

Essentials To Starting Your First Model Train Set

Some of the items that you are going to need in order to get started are: the locomotive or otherwise known as the engine car, passenger cars or freight cars depending on what type of train you want to build, the tracks, power generating devices to allow the train to move, lighting for the tracks, electrical components, scenery for the railroad which is optional, figures, and many other accessories are out there to make it your own. There are different types of parts and accessories, as well as the different brands that you can purchase. Depending on your personal preference, you might enjoy one brand or maker over another.

Model Train Stuff

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Train Model Service and Repair

There are many problems and difficulties that you might encounter along the way of your model train days. There are quick fixes and troubleshooting tips that you can use to fix these types of problems when they arise. Anything can go wrong when it comes to using electricity to power these small trains, so making sure that your wiring is right the first time can save you a lot of headaches in the end. Cleaning the track too much can also lead to problems with the track and the train. Another big problem is when your train is not able to stay on the track while driving it. This could mean something is wrong with the track or even the train.

Model Trains for Beginners

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Train Tips

Model Railroading Magazines

There are a number of model railroading magazines out there for the enthusiast. Depending on your specific likes and dislikes, you might find that one is a better suited read over another. Make sure to look into all of them to find out more.

Railroad Model

Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine

Model Railroader

Popular Model Train Clubs

There are many popular train clubs in the world, depending on where you’re from. Being a part of these clubs can greatly enhance the experience that you have while collecting model trains. You can discuss trains with fellow enthusiasts and even have meets to put together, share, and even conduct your trains together. Collecting model trains is not just a hobby, but can be social as well.

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Different Types of Model Railroading Software

There are a number of different types of model railroading software. Depending on what you need it for, one type of software might be better for the job over another.

Train Player: This is a program that creates a whole virtual world for your train to go through. Not only can you pick up and drop off freight, but you can make sure that you have the scenery and such in the background as you go. Plan out your route beforehand.

Track Planning: This software allows you to plan where you would like your train to go, and what you would like it to do. There are also printable layouts that you can use for any scenery imaginable.

JMRI: This software provides the enthusiast with all of the layouts needed for the control panel, and to take control of your train while it is on the tracks.

Model Trains Software

Upgraded Technology for Model Trains

There are many new upgrades in technology that are used for model train sets. This is because technology is continuously advancing, and can now provide a lot of cool gadgets for you to put on your model train set. One of the best out there is the TrainBoss Defect Detector that allows you to know when something is wrong with your model train, it can then pin point the location of the accident and allows you to have that specific part worked on. Also, there are actual weight station track scales that allow you to know which of your cars is carrying too much, or not enough. Want to see in the dark? Nightscope infrared detectors allow you to see wherever you are going, no matter how dark it is out. Thought any of these were cool? Check out all of the other upgraded technology advancements you can grab for your model train.

Latest Cool Gadgets for Model Trains

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