THD March Income Report April 11, 2012

I feel income reports are important so you can get a feel for the advice you are taking.  There are so many bloggers out there that want to tell you how to make money online.  However, the sad fact is most of them are not making money.  If they are making money most likely they are preying on the newbies, selling them products that they don't need.  You will not see any income in this report coming from affiliate sales or even any sales of products in the internet marketing space.  However, this content is not free - if you read any of my posts you are required to share them if you like them.  If you hate my content, than by all means just go on your way but if you feel the post has value please share it on you blog or a social network you frequent.  In the future of the web social currency is the new currency. I make my money selling train horn kits for cars and trucks.  At this point all my traffic comes in from the search engines and 100% of my profit is a direct result of this free organic traffic.  Below are my income figures of the month. Traffic - 10,694 (100%) Organic - 4,890 (45.73%) Referral - 653 (6.11%) Direct - 5,151 (48.17%) I need to learn more about the analytics direct traffic because it seems like such a crazy amount.  However, from what i have been reading "direct traffic" includes more that just the amount of people that typed your name into the browser. Net Profit - $1,471 This is the net amount that I made after deducting all expenses for running my business.  It is down a little from last month but so was traffic after the March Updates to the Google Algorithm. That is it, another successful month of selling train horns in the books.  Feel free e-mail me if you have any questions.

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