Rejoice, The Google Gods Have Once Again Intervened To Give You A Chance Against The Titans April 13, 2012

March was a very exciting time for us who earn our living by driving organic traffic to our sites.  The algorithm update will create winners and losers and which category you fall into has nothing to do with what has happened to your rankings in the past few weeks. I started learning SEO 4 years ago and my primary linkbuilding method was adding original articles to ezinearticles and running the articles through bookmarking demon.  Amazingly to a newcomer like myself, this actually worked and I hit the front page for my main keyword in about 15 months. Every time I would hit a wall and all my efforts did not increase my rankings, I would slow down my link building activities and start to lose focus.  In this malaise I would read tons of articles on SEO and sit in a state of "analysis paralysis". Then one day, I would read about a major update to the algorithm and I would get excited.  Change equals opportunity and when I would read about people complaining about their loss in rankings I would quickly adopt a new strategy.  This allowed me to bypass them  since they were unwilling to change. A great analogy would be to equate these algorithm changes to when there is panic in the stock market.  As the stock prices fall and panic sets in prices drop rapidly.  The stock price tanks while smart investors pick up great stocks with strong earnings on a discount.  These swings in the market are what have facilitated the greatest transfers in wealth in our history. That is what is happening right now.  Since the update took effect I've lost 40% of my traffic and have seen a major shake up in the top 10 rankings in my niche.  However, it does not bother me because I know that with these changes to the way the game is played will allow me not only regain my position but also help me rise up a few more spots for all of my keywords over the next few months. Also, I'm going to use this algorithm change as an opportunity to slide into a new market.  I'm going to add tonneau covers to my website and this will represent my first attempt to diversify out of the train horn market.  My domain already has the authority to get my new page noticed and I will use the link building techniques that Google is currently looking for to promote my new page to be what they are wanting in light of the changes to the algorithm. So, are you going to let these changes get you down?  Give up on your business and allow it to effectively make you "loser" of the algorithm change.  Or are you going to empower yourself to make the necessary changes to your strategy and allow yourself to be in a position to collect the proceeds on the great transfer of internet wealth that just occurred.

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