Business And Yoga - A Practice Not A Race April 18, 2012

I just finished the last of 5 days on my yoga DVD and my lack of flexibility is depressing. There are moves on this DVD that I cannot even come close to getting into.  The guy in the video will have his legs folded over the top of each other, both knees down, lean his entire body over his legs and stretch his arms out in front.  When I attempt this move, I have both my knees off the ground and I'm leaning BACK at a 45 degree angle due to tightness in my hips. However, my digital yoga instructor just keeps telling me to "not force it", "listen to your body" and "allow your breath to go into the body".  This is against my style of doing things but I have to say the results feel great.  I'll be in a stretch and be pushing harder to get a little more out of it when the above mantas come out of the speakers.  I relax, breathe and let go and I will feel a release deep in the muscle that will allow me to stretch even more. Coming from a background of football/basketball/baseball the concept of slow incremental gains was not preached.  We were told to constantly push ourselves for greater gains to continually maintain our starting position. Evaluating the strategy I implemented for my first 3 1/2 years in business it's apparent that I was simply trying power my way into being successful as opposed to developing my resources to create the perfect conditions for success to proliferate.  I was hiring SEO consultants @ 2500 per month because I wanted to rank number one... now.   The best explanation is I was the single guy at the bar that was trying too hard to impress the girl (Google).  I was trying to show the reasons why she should like me (SEO firms building backlinks from other sites) instead of just being cool with her and asking her what her interests are and what she was into (creating content that will naturally attract links). Today, my business philosophy changed.  I’m going to stop trying to force the issue with Google and focus on creating content that is valuable to others on topics I'm interested in.  I will build out my community slowly and try to gain one  reader at a time to join me in my practice of business.

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