Is Off Roading For Me? April 01, 2013

Off-roading combines two common hobbies together into one that pulls the best parts of each and become amore than the sum of its parts. If you're a fan of the outdoors and really like cars or trucks, off-roading is for you. You get to spend hours outside enjoying nature while using a truck that you upgraded yourself to fly down trails, climb rocks, and shoot ruts like a pro.  Looking at off-roading from the outside might put you off from the idea, because it looks so expensive. There are tires, rims, lift kits, bumpers…hundreds of upgrades that all cost money. While this is true, and you can build a truck that costs tens of thousands of dollars, off-roading starts as a hobby that doesn't require an expensive car or truck. You can start with a cheap, small, capable truck that will get you going in no time. Instead of new F-150s or Grand Cherokees, think Suzuki Samurai or older Jeep Wrangler. An older 4WD truck will fit nicely here, too. These rides can be picked up for a few thousand dollars to start and as long as they have 4WD, you cans tart off-roading immediately. Some basic upgrades to start with include a lift kit, bigger rims and tires, brake upgrade, winch, and train horn. Ok, wait…did I just say train horn? These tools of the railway can help you let people know where you are if you get lost, broke down, or just to meet up with a friend. The same goes for the other upgrades, they all help you to get off-roading done better and more fun. image2 (2) It can seem like an imposing hobby to start with, especially if you don't have any friends into it right now. If you do have some friends that off-road, it's even better because they can help upgrade your truck and show you the best trails to hit, and even go out on the trail with you. It's totally OK if you're starting off on your own, too. With some patience and research you can get a good truck, upgrade as your budget allows, and get out there to have some fun. image3 (1) There are hundreds of questions to ask when talking about upgrading. While these can be imposing and scary, starting small and working up little by little is really the best way. It's overwhelming to think about the suspension lift you need before you even get the truck. Do your research and get a truck that has upgrades available, but don't worry about planning them just yet. Enjoy your 4x4 and upgrade as you can. If you know your limits and stick to trails you know in the beginning, you are bound to have a good time. The title at the top asks the question: "Is Off-Roading For Me?". I don't know you, your budget, or your current vehicle, and I can still answer that question for you and say yes. Off-roading is for everyone. If you respect nature and leave the trail like you left it, it's a win-win situation. So get out there are hit the trail. It's more fun that you can imagine.

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