Celebrity Truck Series - Supercross Champ James “Bubba” Stewart’s Toyota Tundra July 08, 2013

Trucks and dirt bikes tend to go hand in hand like ice cream and pie. Trucks are usually the means of transportation for dirt bike riders to get their bikes from home to the trail for riding. As you get more professional in riding the trucks just get bigger until there's a semi truck toting your bike from one race to another. The love of a nice lifted off--road truck doesn't fade, however. Take James "Bubba" Stewart for example. His lifted Toyota Tundra is a great example of a solid off-road machine made for a pro Supercross champ. The guys at N-FAB in Texas took the lead in building this ride for Stewart, which was featured on his reality show "Bubba's World." With the truck getting customization bumper to bumper, it truly is a custom off-road truck.     stock-toyota-tundra   Suspension and Wheels The first thing done to this stock turbocharged Toyota Tundra was a 12" suspension lift by Bulletproof Suspension. This lift features coil overs by Fox Shox in the front, giving the truck a real trophy truck look. Not wanting to stop with the 12" lift, an additional 3" body lift was added from Performance Accessories.     tundra-suspension     With all this space, a nice big tire needs to get used to fill that gap. MHT came through with their Hostage wheels, which measure 22" by a whopping 14" wide! With such a big wheel, a solid tire had to be paired up. Interco Tires gave their SS-M16 tires for the project, which measure 40x14.50R22LT.     james-stweart-tundra-wheels   Exterior For those of you keeping track, we're now sitting at 15 inches of total lift on Stewart's Tundra. Even 22" tires aren't going to fill the gap left by such a lift, so gap guards were installed to hide a little gap between the body and the frame for a better overall look. Since the undercarriage is a lot more visible now, N-FAB installed some powder-coated undercarriage parts from multiple manufacturers, all done in red, to give what is normally a dull, colorless area a little pop of color, and to tie in the red used elsewhere.     tundra-suspension-color     Speaking of that lift, a little help getting into the truck now is pretty helpful. Nerf Steps from N-FAB where installed, which run from tire to tire so help is given to all doors so no one has to strain to get in the newly tall truck. A new grill was added to the front tot the truck, which was color-coded and matched from the guys at Gulf States Toyota. GST also helped out with a new rear bumper as well, which was powered coated for durability. The rear receiver hitch was left in place so Stewart could tow his bikes around if he ever wants to do some riding off the track.     toyota-tundra-suspension-color     Back around to the front of the truck, safety is a must in any truck destined for off-road use. One of the biggest safety features you can add is proper lighting. This helps you get out of sticky situations at night and ideally helps you avoid them all together. Being able to see what's going on is a must. To this extent, Rigid Industries provided 2 40" LED light bars that feature 14.525 lumens each. N-FAB customized one of their tubular bumpers to house the light bars. If James ever gets into a tricky situation on the trail, these light bars will give him instant daylight to help out.     toyota-tundra-led-lights     Interior With the exterior basically in place, the interior needs some love. Custom doorsill plates were installed from Cord Automotive. They CNC machined red anodized aluminum to have Stewart's race number 7. To match these awesome doorsill plates, N-FAB made custom fascia plates for the dash and doors, all with the red theme carried throughout. Along with these custom pieces, carbon fiber dash inserts were used from Superior Dash. These include a full fascia plate for the instrument cluster, air vent area, as well as a slew of smaller pieces that went around the doors and window control areas.     toyota-tundra-interior     Seats and headliners were left stock, but with the additions of the trim inside, doing too much here could come off as overkill. As for the stereo, the truck came with the Toyota touch screen navigation, which with the tight integration with the truck, is hard to beat for usability, so the stock head unit remains. james-stweart-toyota-tundra   Overall The truck was made so that it could be be presented to James at the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas, so everything about the build had to be as close to perfect as it could be. The guys at N-FAB even spent an entire day just scrubbing and cleaning the frame and undercarriage. Fit and finish is great on this truck, and the care and time they took in building it really shows through.

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