Custom Truck Series - GAS Tonka T-Rex July 22, 2013

I’d be willing to bet that if you’re reading this right now, there was probably at least one Tonka truck in your past. Tonka trucks bring back memories of sand box construction sites and the first off-roading that most kids ever experience, even if it’s only done in a pile of dirt in the back yard. Funrise Toys, the maker of Tonka, and Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) teamed up to bring this little piece of nostalgia to adults that never really outgrew their toy trucks, but only make them bigger. custom-offroad-ford-f250   The result of this partnership is the Tonka T-Rex truck. Based off of a 2012 Ford F-250 Power Stroke, this toy-come-to-life looks just like what we all thought our toys would be like full-sized. With custom and upgraded parts from bumper to bumper, this truck is seriously cool. Let’s see what it’s got.   custom-ford-f250-tonka-t-rex Exterior The first thing you notice when checking out this full-sized Tonka truck is the paint and graphics. GAS got the truck a bright Tonka yellow and scattered black Tonka logos and graphics all over the body. The yellow of the truck carries over to the roof rack as well as the wheels. All done to give the detail befitting a quintessential toy like Tonka.   The wheels on this living, breathing toy truck come from American Force. GAS chose their Classic S28 20x10 wheels with a 25mm offset. This gives the truck a nice stance while not going overboard. As for the tires, Toyo 20 inch Open Country M/T tires were chosen to fit the overall look and feel while keeping a solid performance rating. In regard to suspension, 8 to 10 inch fully-adjustable 4-link air ride suspension from Kelderman was installed, but before it was, a “Tonka yellow” powder coat was applied.  To make sure this truck was truly an off-road machine, Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks round out the suspension. The shock clamps are billet aluminum with a Tonka logo on them, and the front and rear differential covers were powder coated yellow as well. New bumpers were installed all around, including a Premium Full Guard Bumper in the front and a Full Bumper in the rear. Side steps and runners were also installed. Both the bumpers and steps are from Fab-Fours. Bushwhacker provided Pocket Style fender flares to give a meaner look while staying nice and legal and safe with the wider tires. A custom roof/bed rack and tool boxes from Highway Products give a great look to the truck while giving tons of storage. Finally, WARN showed up to the party to give a winch, rack lights, and new bumper lights. Interior The interior was totally redone by GAS to include Tonka logos and colors throughout, as well as Katzkin yellow and black leather for the seats. Special Tonka floor mats were used, obviously in the black and yellow color scheme as well. JL and Kenwood provide the boom in this truck. A full audio and video system was installed to match the cool factor of the truck itself. For the speakers, a JL Audio Stealth Box built specifically for the Ford F-250 was used to house a subwoofer, and front and rear 5x7 speakers were used for the highs. JL amplifiers were installed to run the entire system as well. Kenwood stepped up with their HD Entertainment Navigational System that includes a backup camera and an iOS device interface cable. Engine To put some go with all this show, Banks Power provided their AutoMind Programmer with Banks IQ 2.0 to tune the diesel engine to its fullest. A Monster Diesel exhaust handles getting exhaust out, and a Ram-Air intake system helps get the air in. A Double-Shot high-output water methanol system helps what happens in between the two.   tonka-t-rex-custom-ford-f-250   The Rest A Low Jack alarm system was installed by the guys at GAS to help recover the truck if anyone ever tries to take it on a joyride. GAS also did a full tint job on the truck as well as a custom application of Line-X bed liner spray in the bed, on the tool boxes, and around the grill. This bed liner spray also covers the fender flares, running boards, and inside the fenders. Anywhere extra strength was needed the spray lends a helping hand. The last upgrade worth mentioning is the installation of a Big Rig pull horn. This goes to show the importance of safety while off-roading. The horn can be used to signal distress or help friends to find you. The only thing better would have been a full-fledged air horn.   tonka-trucks-toys Wrap-Up All in all, this is one seriously badass truck. I loved Tonka trucks as a kid, and knowing that there is a real life one driving around makes me pretty happy. While I doubt I’ll ever get my hands on the real thing, Funrise Toys will be releasing a toy version of the truck in fall 2014. I will have to settle for the smaller, less mobile version, but at least I’ll have something to remind me there’s a real Tonka truck cruising around at shows all around the US.

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