Build a Portable Train Horn Quickly and Easily September 02, 2013

Professional sports teams have it right. When the home team scores or time runs out, a clear, loud horn is blown so everyone knows what is going on. This is easy for a pro team to build, since their funds are basically unlimited, but what about a college or high school team? With limited funds and storage capability, what these teams need is a portable train horn.   Portable train horns are just what you think they are: air horns from trains paired with an air compressor to make them portable and ready for use at any event. With multiple fields and sports, a portable train horn is the best possible option for any team or event with a limited budget. Instead of building a horn system into every field and location, one portable train horn can be placed on a cart and moved from one location to the next.   Portable train horns are inexpensive and when purchased as a kit, very easy to build and get working in no time at all. Train Horns Delivered offers kits that are meant for trucks and other vehicles, but when paired with a car or truck battery, they become fully mobile alert systems. For a few hundred bucks you get a kit that, when mounted to a cart or box is fully mobile and ready for any event that needs a little extra volume. portable-train-horn     As you can see from the image above, everything from air hoses, wires, and fittings are included to get your portable train horn up and running. Hook this up to a 12v battery and you basically have unlimited running time. Charge the battery between games and you’re always good to go.   There are other, less safe ways of using portable train horns that involve small CO2 tanks and hand-filling smaller tanks to use for the air source. While these can be a little smaller than the portable train horn you can purchase and build, when dealing with air pressure and sports, safety needs to come first.   Using a portable train horn system that is built from the Train Horns Delivered kits is really the best way to go. Here are the basic steps to get you going:   1. Purchase the Kit The first step is choosing the kit you want from Train Horns Delivered. With three or four horn systems, and pressure ratings from 120 to 150 PSI, you can go as loud as you want with these.   Once you choose the setup you want, it’s time to get the portable portion of this setup. portable-train-horn-cart   2. Make it Portable After you get the train horn you want, you need the parts to make it portable. If you’re using this for a school, I recommend a small steel or heavy-duty plastic pushcart or a sturdy wooden box. To save money, the school could build the box if there is a shop class. Even a large wooden crate that was used for shipping will make a great base for your portable train horn setup.       After the cart or box is set, a car 12-volt battery is needed. Any will do here, as you are just using it to power the air compressor. Along with the battery, make sure to get a terminal clamp for both the positive and negative terminals. This is how you will connect the wiring that comes with the train horn kit.   Mount the battery, compressor, and horn assembly to the cart or box. Once everything is secure, connect the power wires and air hoses as noted in the detailed instructions that come with your kit. Need even more help? Train Horns Delivered has video walk-throughs to get you set up.   3. Test it Out With everything hooked up and secure, it’s time to test the portable train horn out. Make sure you’re in a clear, open area with no one directly in front of the horns. Press the button that is included in the kit and BAM! Everyone around knows you want their attention.     The great thing about the portable train horn is now that you have it mounted; it can go anywhere you need it to. While not extremely small, any truck or SUV can easily carry the portable train horn around. For a school that has fields spread out or even wants to take the horn on the road with their team, it’s a real time and money saver. For a few hundred bucks, every team your school has can use the portable train horn, increasing its value to you and your school.   Wrap-Up Don’t mount a horn or alert on a pole or building; get a train horn from Train Horns Delivered and make it into your own portable train horn system. Save money and increase the visibility of your team and school.

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