Pabst Blue Ribbon 2012 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor September 09, 2013

The Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a real beast. Any truck the size of the Raptor that puts out over 400 HP is just waiting to get you into some trouble. While this 6.2L V8 is generally more than enough for the average person, some people need more. It is for this rare breed of crazy that Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) built the Pabst Blue Ribbon SVT Raptor. With some upgrading happing from bumper to bumper, it’s sure to get you going. svt-raptor-front       Since I already told you the truck was built for the Pabst Brewing Company, the first thing you probably notice by looking at it is a complete lack of branding and the VERY different color. Pabst wanted a clean, no-nonsense truck to showcase their beer, and with this in mind GAS built this one of a kind SVT Raptor.   Power The stock SVT Raptor comes with 411 HP from the 6.2L V8. GAS decided right away that this wasn’t nearly enough power, so they started with a Roush supercharger to bump the HP up to around 600. With more power comes the need to the engine to breathe better, so a Borla performance exhaust was installed to help the Raptor exhale better.   Roush also provided an upgraded intake for the Raptor to make sure it was breathing well from front to back. All of these engine upgrades make for a real beast of a truck.   Exterior Outside, the truck’s most noticeable feature is the Gotta Have It Green paint job. This is actually a stock color from Ford meant for the new Mustang. Paired with this crazy color is a great use of black accents. The bumpers, logos, and wheels have ample doses of black to help balance out the bright green paint job.   This fully custom grille is painted a glossy black. LED lighting was installed din the upper portion of the grille, as well as KC LED fog lamps in the bumper. Following suit with the grille, the front and rear bumpers sport a gloss black paint job that offsets the green nicely.   GAS chose to add a remote-controlled electronic tonneau cover to the Raptor, giving it a cool, relaxed look that allows for easy accessibility to the bed, which is a great way to easily get to your beer cooler or anything else you wanted to keep hidden.   For the wheels, GAS used 18” Method Race 301 Matte Black Wheels. They added some custom green accents to the spokes to match the rest of the truck. The wheels were wrapped in 35” BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires, which continue the mean look.   The exterior is rounded out with an upgrade to the suspension. A leveling kit was installed to give the Raptor a more uniform look while keeping the Ford F-150’s great ground clearance. svt-raptor-interior     Interior The bright green is carried into the interior with two-tone green stitched suede seats. The headliner and pillars are covered in suede as well, but in this case all black is used. The rear seat holds a custom enclosure for the audio system, and the steering wheel utilizes a two-tone stitch to help carry even more of the green inside the 2012 Ford F-150.   Along with the two-tone seats and steering wheel, GAS painted the dash and door inserts the same green as the exterior to help give a more unifying look to the truck. The center dash carries this look as well, giving the interior a very unified look that isn’t as bright as you might think it would be. svt-raptor-head     Audio The audio selection done by GAS is really where this truck shines. The rear-seat enclosure houses 3 JL Audio 10W 10” subwoofers run from a HD900/5 AMP.   For the highs, Focal 165KRX2 and 130KR components make sure every note gets heard. The components are run from the HD900 amp as well.   To make sure all this audio power gets the proper signals, a Rockford Fosgate 3.sixty.3 signal processor runs the show.   Wrap-Up This F-150 Raptor is a great example of a clean yet showy ride. You don’t need flames and 15” subs to make a truck get noticed. With a unified color and subtle enhancements, the PBR F-150 SVT Raptor is really in a class of its own.   GAS is known for making awesome trucks and building more than their customers imagined, and this truck is no exception. All in all, this is a killer truck from top to bottom and another great ride from Galpin Auto Sports.   More Information
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