The Less-Than-Thrifty Icon Thriftmaster Pickup Truck November 18, 2013

thriftmaster-header When you think of something that has “thrift” in the title, generally items in the dollar store or Goodwill come to mind. The truth of Icon’s Thriftmaster pickup truck couldn’t be further removed from this idea. Based on Chevrolet’s Thriftmaster pickup truck from the 40’s and 50’s, this hand-built monster has the fit and finish you’d expect from Icon, but none of the thriftiness the name suggests. thriftmaster-front-quarter   Coming in at around $250,000 the Icon Thriftmaster is just about as thrifty as a Ferrari, but unlike its equestrian counterpart, the Thriftmaster brings with it a rich history of the American pickup truck and post-war America. Icon is known for an unparalleled attention to detail, their use of the highest quality parts, and most of all, their happy customers. More than 22% of customers that buy an Icon truck own more than one. This loyal following is built from a love of perfection and vehicles that don’t initially seem as expensive as they are, until you get a little closer. Icon starts off with a fully custom chassis built by Art Morrison; a hand-welded steel unit. On top of this frame go the steel body panels that are actually stamped from licensed GM molds.   Power   thriftmaster-engine   As for the engine, you get two options: a small-block 5.3-liter V-8 crate motor from GM that provides 315 horsepower and 335 ft-lb of torque, or for a little bit more you can add a supercharger on and up the power to 435 horsepower and 458 ft-lb of torque. You have your choice of transmissions, but you should opt for the 6-speed manual from Tremec over the 4-speed automatic for obvious reasons. The exhaust is mandrel-bent, aluminized, and totally custom for the Thriftmaster All that power needs a good way to slow down, and Icon went with Wilwood brakes to do just that, using slotted and vented ABS disc brakes all around. The truck comes with a limited-slip differential to make sure all that power gets to the road via the 18” Circle Racing CNC’d billet aluminum wheels that are wrapped in Nitto NT555 tires.   Exterior   thriftmaster-lighting   On the original Thriftmasters in the 40’s and 50’s, you’d find pot metal making up most of the exterior body hardware, but in the new and improved Thriftmaster, it’s stainless steel all around for every piece of body hardware used. The underbody as well as the floorboards inside the cab are treated with a Polyurea coating to inhibit rust or any other issues. Icon can paint your Thriftmaster any color you can think of, and even do it in matte or gloss finish. This makes every Thriftmaster from Icon a truly unique truck, meaning you probably won’t see two out there that look the same. In fact, you probably might never see two of these works of art, since Icon is only making a total of five Thriftmasters to start with, all in the “Ultimate Edition” category with the supercharger and upgraded lighting.   Interior   thriftmaster-gauges   The beauty doesn’t stop with the exterior. The inside of the Thriftmaster is something to behold. At first glance the interior seems to be that of a standard 50’s-era truck, but just as with the rest of the truck, once you actually LOOK at it, the quality really speaks for itself, well, that is if trucks could talk it would. The interior is a mix of matte paint and nickel-plated trim, all of which is finished with a matte ceramic clear coat for not only beauty but also longevity. Once you dive a little deeper and really look at the details both outside and in the interior you will notice the quality of the materials and pieces themselves. This is mostly thanks to Icon’s use of nearly all in-house designed and manufactured parts. See those pieces on the dash that house the vents and radio? Each is hand-machined in-house.   thriftmaster-interior   While you will see hand cranks for the windows, these are merely the switches for the electric windows. The carpet used in this truck is Rolls-Royce Wilton wool, and most of the remainder of the interior is covered in black bison leather. The Thriftmaster is meant to fly under the radar of most people and only those with a keep eye for quality and detail will ever see more than a basic custom truck; something Icon’s customers love. Wrap-Up Overall, the Icon Thriftmaster is a thing of pure beauty and power. On the surface it’s the American pickup truck that any truck lover would swoon over, and underneath it’s a fully custom monster with the heart of a sprinter waiting to launch off the starting line. The price tag places this out of most people’s reach, but just like fine art in a museum, it can be seen and enjoyed by all.

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