Size Matters: 2006 Dodge Ram Optimus December 04, 2013

dodge-ram-optimus-header   There are big trucks, and then there’s Dave Wiggins’ 2006 Dodge Ram codenamed Optimus. This 10,000-pound beast started life as a megacab 4x4 dually with around 300 horsepower. Once Dave was done with it the truck had 1,200 horsepower and 2,000 ft-lb of torque! There’s a lot more to Optimus than some engine mods, check out the details and pictures below. The Engine The truck started out with a Cummins diesel engine, but Dave added a twin-turbo setup to give the truck a little more life. Along with the turbo treatment, Optimus received new cams new head studs to a custom intake. dodge-ram-optimus-exterior-train-horn   To help the truck exhale a little better, a fully custom exhaust was fabricated and installed manifold back. With the power upgrades came the need for a fully upgraded fuel system and a water methanol injection system. Finish all of this out with a custom on-demand tuning computer and you’ve got a pretty amazing powertrain. All these together help the truck to get to the 1,200 horsepower and 2,000 ft-lb of torque, which quadruples the original ratings. dodge-ram-optimus-wheels   Wheels and Suspension Dave wasn’t looking for an over-the-top suspension lift, so he opted for a custom Thuren suspension lift that gave the truck 4” both front and rear. This lift made way for the 22.5” 10-spoke Alcoa semi wheels that were wrapped in 295/75 mud and snow-rated semi tires. This setup basically ensures that Optimus can get out of just about any trouble it can get into. Add in some custom rear fender flares to hide those huge tires and you’ve got a pretty awesome truck with a killer stance and presence. dodge-ram-optimus-rear-bumper   Everything Else Every exterior light in the truck was replaced with LED lighting. What seems like a small upgrade makes a huge difference in the dark. To help get out of even more problems and to help with towing as well as backing up, both front and rear-facing cameras were installed. This seems like somewhat of a novelty, but with a truck this big, it’s all about safety. The front and rear bumpers were trashed and replaced with Road Armor bumpers. The front bumper has a built-in WARN winch as well. The new bumpers not only look great, but they’re a lot safer than the plastic and foam ones they replaced. Instead of a custom paint job, Optimus has a 3M Mylar wrap from front to back. This helps protect the underlying paint, and also allows the truck to change color with a new wrap. Lastly, Optimus has a 152 db. Train horn installed. Dave felt the truck needed a horn that fit with the huge personality of the newly upgraded truck and there’s no better way than with a train horn. To keep things interesting Dave installed a Lamborghini pull chain to activate it. Now if the truck is stuck on the trail (not that getting stuck would be easy with this beast) it can be found a little more easily. dodge-ram-optimus-trainhorn-side   Wrap-Up This 2006 Dodge Ram is just about as big as they come. With extra cab space, extra wheels out back, extra height, and an extra loud train horn, Optimus is all about excess without going too far. Clean and faster than most cars out there, it’s definitely a thing of beauty.

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