5 Reasons Why Volkswagen Should Bring a Pickup Back to the US March 31, 2014

volkswagen truck for us   Volkswagen is in a class of its own when it comes to its cars. With a better fit and finish than just about anything else in their price range, VW seems to be doing things right. The Amarok is fast, cool, and all-around one of the better trucks out there today, but has been deemed too small for the US Market. While VW does have a solid lineup of cars in the US, there is a glaring gap right where a midsized pickup truck should be. Volkswagen is keeping a close eye on General Motors and the sales of their midsize trucks; so it seems like a VW truck in the US is not only a good idea, but hopefully an inevitability.

1. Midsize Trucks are Hot

While any truck guy loves a big truck, the market for smaller trucks that get better gas mileage and deal with city driving better is on the rise. vw-truck-us-market-midsize The world of midsize trucks isn’t a new one by any meaning of the word. The forbearers of today’s smaller trucks are the Chevy S-10 and the Ford Ranger. These smaller haulers were made for fuel economy and size, which made them as many fans as it did enemies. Most of the competition that Volkswagen would face in this category would come from the likes of the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and the GMC Canyon. Volkswagen could come in near their fully equipped price range and blow them all out of the water with quality.

2. VW Does Diesel Well

The biggest issue with midsize trucks is the lack of power. A smaller truck means a smaller engine, which means less hauling and towing capacity. This can be fixed with a solid diesel engine, which Volkswagen is already great at producing. VW TDi Engine diesel truck A V6 diesel VW truck would dominate the competition in both reliability as well as power.

3. The Amarok

Volkswagen currently has a truck that sells very well, just not in the US. The Amarok is a smaller than midsize truck that is powered by the standard 2.0L turbo VW motor and an 8-speed automatic transmission. This shows that VW can indeed make a quality truck, but with Volkswagen admittantly believing the truck is “too small” for the US market, it’s only in Europe for now.

VW Amarok Interior

The Amarok has an amazing interior, available 4-doors, and just enough off-road tech to make it respectable. This would definitely be the basis for a new truck if VW ever plans on bringing it stateside.

4. Volkswagen is Actually Interested in It

At the Geneva Motor Show recently, some VW heads talked about their interest in bringing a midsize truck to the US. Their head of powertrain development claims that Volkswagen is “reworking their truck strategy” in an attempt to make a US truck a possibility. VW Truck Headquarters Above this, VW is closely watching the likes of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon to see how they do in the market and if they can come back to the US market they left in the early 80’s. There seems to be enough money in this category to warrant VW’s interest, but only time will tell if they jump.

5. Volkswagen Quality

Above everything else, anyone that loves Volkswagen should be excited about a truck coming to the US. A Volkswagen truck available in the US market would make quite a few VW fans leave their cars for a new truck. vw-truck-us-market-vw-quality1 The interior of the current Amarok can serve as an example of what Volkswagen can do with a vehicle that’s meant to get a little dirtier and get a little more hard use. Volkswagen offers some of the best quality interior legroom, headroom, and best of all, infotainment systems. A new midsize VW truck would run great, get amazing fuel economy, and look damn good while doing it.

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