Celebrity Car Series: Gene Simmons’ 1956 Ford F100 – Snakebit May 26, 2014

snakebit f100 1956 Over the years, Ford’s truck line has evolved quite a bit. Some would say that the new trucks today are the pinnacle of truck design and that we’re in the age of trucks. Others however, would argue that the time of trucks has already come and gone, and by looking at Gene Simmons’ 1956 F100, they might be right. Snakebit made its first public appearance at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas in 2013. The truck is the result of collaboration between Gene Simmons, his wife Shannon Tweed, and Ford. While the KISS front man started the build, he only held on to it for a short time until selling the beautiful hauler at the 2014 Barrett-Jackson auction. The truck sold for $450,000 with all proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, where Shannon Tweed originally called home.

The Truck

While the truck’s background is interesting, the devil’s in the details, and the details for Snakebit are pretty amazing. gene simmons snakebit side view For starters, the truck features a 550HP 5.8L Ford Racing V8 that’s supercharged and mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Sound more like a sports car than a truck? That’s because this truck that started it’s life as something more akin to a farm has earned itself a place in the long-storied family of Shelby Mustangs. With a front grille that shares a look with the new Shelby Mustangs and the Shelby Cobra badge, there’s more than meets the eye in this Shelby beauty. f100-snakebit-7 The wheelbase of Snakebit was stretched 5 inches, the original wood floor was replaced with a billet look-alike that was machined to look like wood. The front tires have been replaced with 18-inch single-bolt style wheels that are similar to Shelby Cobra wheels, and the rears are 20-inchers that match the front. snakebit wilwood brakes Wilwood big brake kits make sure you can tame those 550 horsepower safely. In a truck that originally wasn’t known for either speed or safety, this is quite the combination. The interior is completely custom and features a two-tone leather theme with a leather-covered dash, leather bench seat, and leather steering wheel.


The truck was built to showcase the beauty that is the F100 while allowing the Shelby heritage to show through. From small features like wheel design to the front and rear badges, the truck oozes Shelby hotness. f100-snakebit-11 Originally started as a project truck by Tom Foster, the president and general manager of Industrial Machine and Manufacturing in Saskatoon celebrate IMM’s 55th anniversary, the truck quickly became something Foster wanted to use to raise money for the hospital that saved his newborn daughter’s life. Foster’s original plan was to sell the truck for $55,00, but that was until KISS front man Simmons and his wife got involved and boosted not only the signal, but the design and the truck’s guts.


With a killer paint job, some amazing heritage and more than enough speed, Snakebit is the best of the F100 and the best of everything the Shelby name has to offer. All this paired with a LOT of money going to a great cause makes Snakebit one awesome ride. Click here to see more photos. (Photo Credits: Drew Phillips)

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