The New Toyota TRD Pro Series Looks to Make a Name in the Off Road World June 12, 2014

toyota-trd-pro-1 Toyota has never been known as excelling in any one particular area, but instead they've been insanely dependable vehicles that while lacking in impressive stats, seem to last forever. This dependability can be seen in what's considered to be the most durable vehicle in the world: the Toyota Hilux. Toyota is looking to keep their dependability record while adding some pretty impressive features to up the ante on their TRD line of trucks and SUVs. toyota-trd-pro-5 The Toyota TRD Pro line includes the 4Runner, Tacoma, and Tundra, and definitely has more to offer than some pretty graphics and a cool emblem.

What is TRD Pro?

toyota-trd-pro-7 The TRD Pro lineup of vehicles gets a bevy of new features that not only makes them look tougher, but prepares them better for hitting the trail. First, each vehicle gets TRD-tuned springs mated with Bilstein Shocks that are tuned for each vehicle. Next, each gets a TRD front skid plate made out of aluminum to save on weight while still protecting the engine and oil pan from meeting a rock or other obstacle up close and personal. Since you can't hit the trail unless you're looking good (it's a proven fact, look it up), visual upgrades include a TRD shifter, blacked-out wheels, new TOYOTA grille, and a few new paint jobs including Inferno Red and Super White. The interior gets red contrast stitching throughout each vehicle a really unique look specific to the TRD Pro lineup.  

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Tundra TRD Pro

tundra-1 The new Tundra TRD Pro gets a 2-inch lift from its new suspension that actually improves ride quality while giving it a little more off-road prowess. Those black wheels we mentioned are 18-inch and wrapped in Michelin ORP tires. Between the lift and other changes, the truck gets 2 more inches of wheel travel in the front and 1.25" in the back. The exhaust is upgraded with a TRD dual setup, making the stock V8 really purr. All this together makes for a mean truck that won't break the bank.  

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Tacoma TRD Pro

toyota-trd-pro-6 The Tacoma is the little brother of the Tundra, but it still looks amazing with the TRD Pro Treatment. Just like the Tundra, the Tacoma gets 2 inches of lift from the new suspension, but only gets 1-inch of additional travel in the front and 1.25" in the rear. The wheels get a little smaller for the Tacoma, too. In place of the 18-inchers from the Tundra are 16-inch headlock wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires. The exhaust is upgraded as well, but only from the cat back. All the visual upgrades are still present, but the other upgrades are just toned back a little to control cost and to give a better value to the Tundra.

4Runner TRD Pro

4runner-1 If the Tacoma is the Tundra's little brother, then the 4Runner is their cousin. The only SUV to get the TRD Pro treatment, the 4Runner gets a 1.5-inch lift as well as the Tacoma's 1-inch of additional wheel travel in the front and rear. The 4Runner gets 17-inch black wheels from TRD with red accents, a uniquely custom TOYOTA grille from the trucks, and additional bumper accents. There's no exhaust upgrade for the 4Runner however, leaving it the least upgraded out of the three.

Everything Else

toyota-trd-pro-2 There's no price just yet for these beauties, but with no major engine upgrades or massive body changes, the price should hopefully be in line with other versions of these vehicles. Toyota is known for having some of the most rugged vehicles in the industry, and with the TRD Pro lineup, they're making them even more rugged while adding a dose of beauty. Each of these three had extreme versions, but each was unique and didn't share parts across the board. This should make Toyota's lineup more evident and help secure their place in the off-roading world.

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