5 Of the Wildest Ford Raptor Builds (Number 3 blew me away!) June 26, 2014

wild-raptor-trucks-header Ford built their F-150 Raptor to be one mean truck right off the showroom floor, but that hasn’t stopped customizers from all around the country from taking their Raptors and making them even better. From snow-bound monsters to a truck even the Master Chief himself could appreciate; there’s a Raptor in this list to make just about everyone drool with jealous envy. Check out 5 of the wildest Ford Raptor builds below and let us know in the comments if you have an even wilder Raptor build to show.

1. Bubba Watson’s Oakley Raptor

bubba watson bulletproof raptor Golf isn’t usually something that is associated with the word “wild” unless you’re talking about Happy Gilmore, but gold start Bubba Watson had a Raptor built for him that showcases his Oakley sponsorship on the surface, but hides far wilder features behind the digital camo warp. The truck, named “Bulletproof,” took 6 months to build and while it features some impressive visual upgrades like the Oakley grille, machined Oakley O on the hood, and a custom interior, the wild feature is that the entire truck is bulletproof, including the windows. While Bubba isn’t a state dignitary or Hollywood start that might need this, it’s the coolness factor that brought the feature on. Who else can say they’re cruising around in a bulletproof raptor?

2. The Wild Hennessey VelociRaptor SUV

raptor upgrade hennessey velociraptor We actually introduced this madman of a customization last year, but it’s worth mentioning any time we talk about Raptor upgrades. Hennessey believed that the fun that is the Raptor shouldn’t be limited to just truck lovers, so they shared the love by making the speed demon of a truck into an SUV. Don’t worry, they upgraded the engine with a supercharger to give the truck nearly 100 more horsepower to more than make up for the extra 600 pounds the truck gains in the process. With every aspect customized and upgraded, this is one of the most awesome SUVs out there.

3. Ken Block’s RaptorTrax

ken block gymkhana raptor trax You may have heard of Ken Block from his Global RallyCross fame, or maybe you’re a fan of his Gymkhana videos where he shows his skill and precision driving abilities by tearing up a road course doing ridiculous stunts in his Ford rally machine. You probably didn’t know however, that Ken is the proud owner of a completely customized Ford Raptor SVT with a set of Mattracks where the wheels should be. Add in a supercharger and some snowboard mounts and you’ve gotten yourself quite an amazing snow machine that will make getting to the slope more fun than going down them.

4. Halo 4 Raptor

halo 4 raptor *Cue Halo Theme Song Another Raptor that we talked about last year was a special truck made for the gamers of the truck world. Galpin Auto Sports made a beauty of a truck in the Halo 4 UNSC edition Ford Raptor SVT. While this ride doesn’t have a lot of wild engine upgrades, the UNSC logo shows on both sides and there’s a bevy of video and audio upgrades done to the interior. If video games are your thing, you’ll get some instant cred when you pull up to your next LAN party in the closest thing you’ll find to a Warthog without having to deal with the Covenant or the Flood to drive it.

5. The Jurassic Raptor

jurassic raptor frod svt The last entry on our list is one of the wildest looking Raptors and is the only one in constant use. With add-ons like an exoskeleton and shooting box, this Raptor means some serious business. Urban camo on the outside and massive suspension upgrades on the inside makes the Jurassic Raptor one tough hunting machine. CBI Offroad made everything for this upgrade from scratch, from the custom bumpers to the fully custom outer shell that holds hunting and camping goodies.

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