3 of the Wildest Off-Road Exterior Upgrades June 30, 2014

wildest-off-road-upgrades-header There are as many upgrades available for trucks as there are types of cookies in the world and like cookies, most of us would like to try them all out at least once. Off-road upgrades range from the basic like bigger tires and raised suspension to the more impressive push bars, winches, and engine upgrades but there are a few upgrades that while out there, are useful as they are wild. Check out three of the wildest off-road upgrades and tell us what you’re wildest off-road upgrades are in the comments below.

Bed Liner Paint Job

Few things speak louder about your truck than the paint job you choose for it. While many people opt for whatever came from the factory or their favorite color if it’s a new truck, there are some out there that go a little extreme with their paint jobs. bed liner full body paint What if your truck’s paint could be replaced with the material that’s used to spray a bedliner in? With products like Line-X’s Body Armour this idea’s a reality. Body Armour replaces the fragile paint on your truck with the nearly indestructible coating that is bed liner material. Once it’s on, you don’t worry about scratches, dents, or dings. The Body Armour paint gives your truck a pretty mean look and best of all, those little rocks and tree branches from the trail won’t even touch it. Forget hardcore washing after the trail, too. Hose your truck off and the mud and dirt will fall off. The Body Armour paint job isn’t cheap however. Expect to pay anywhere in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 to get your entire ride done.

Light Bars

If you’ve ever been on the trail when the sun’s going down, you know the importance of good lighting. For years companies like Baja have made the very recognizable round lights that you see on just about every off-road jeep and truck today, but sometimes even these aren’t enough. When you’re on a pitch-black trail and you need to get back to civilization safely, you need all the light you can get. If standard lights aren’t enough for you, you need to go a little extreme, and Rigid Industries has just the thing. light bar off-road Light bars are the next step in off-road lighting upgrades, giving you more light than you’ll ever need. You can install a light bar on your roof, under your bumper, or even customized into your grille. Light bars are comprised of 20 or more large LED bulbs that produce an enormous amount of light, making the world around you seem clear again no matter how dark it is or how far from the road you might be. Depending on the application and model light bar you need, expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1,200 for the bar itself and around $850 for the custom grille if they make one for your truck. (only the Ford Raptor right now) While this seems expensive, you really can’t place a price on safety, which is exactly what these extreme lights offer.

Train Horn

I know what you’re thinking. Wild paint jobs and lighting products are one thing, but what could you possibly use a train horn for while you’re off-roading? Number 2 in this list was the light bar, which is used for safely getting off a dark trail. What if you got stuck on the trail and didn’t have a radio or phone to call for help? Even if you have a phone or radio, how do you let your friends know exactly where you are if you’re not even sure? wildest-off-road-upgrades-train-horns Train horns are one of the wildest upgrades you can do to your truck and while they’re fun and extreme, they’re also a great safety tool that can help friends and even rescuers, if it comes to that, know where you are on the trail to come find you. Even if your battery dies you’ll still get a few full-volume blasts from the horns, helping people find you. Also, quite a few off-road machines are a decent bit louder than your common on-road vehicles, so getting their attention if something bad is about to happen can be nearly impossible. With the extra volume you get with a train horn, you can make sure they hear you before it’s too late.

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