Go Camping: 4 Ways to Camp With Your Truck July 03, 2014

vintage camping truck Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to get out there and enjoy nature while we can before the cold hits most of us again, and what better way to enjoy nature than the perfect pairing of camping and off-roading? Using your truck as a camping base gives you much more control over how you sleep and how protected you are when you make camp. Check out the four ways to go camping with your truck below and get out and enjoy nature. All the tips below are (mostly) easy to set up and take down, and all of them clear out completely when not in use. While it would be amazing to build a bed in the back of your truck, it’s not very practical for hitting the trail.

Front Seat Hammock

This solution takes a little bit of building, but when you’re done you’ll have a hanging hammock that goes across your front seats. The build involves a little sewing and some PVC pipes, but the end result will allow you to stay enclosed inside the cab of your truck without having to sleep in your seat. truck camping front seat hammock This is really only a solution if you’re camping on your own, but with the ability to break down completely and store under or behind a seat, it could be perfect for a quick day trip or for a place to sleep if you happen to get stuck somewhere. Check out this forum for the instructions on how to build your own. This one is sized to fit in a VW van, so change sizing accordingly for your truck.

The Roof Tent

If you’re serious about camping with your truck, these are one of the best methods around. Camping on the ground can be rocky and uncomfortable and worst of all, dangerous. Even though it might not be the best solution, it’s really the only way to get the tent camping experience, until these beauties. truck camping roof tent As you can see from the image above, roof tents are pretty much what they sound like; tents that use the roof of your truck or SUV as their floor. With this solution, you don’t need to find a flat piece of ground to camp on, making site selection a lot easier. Also, you keep yourself off the ground and out of reach of most animals and insects. There are quite a few of these tents available, but the ones from Cascadia Tents look to be the best. Check their site out here.

Truck Bed Tent

If camping on the roof seems a little too sketchy for you, there’s the option to pitch a tent in the bed of your truck. This option allows you to use the truck bed floor as your sleeping base, and still keeps you off the ground and out of the reach of most animals. truck camping bed tent These are a great option and cost significantly less than the roof tents, as they need less framing. The only down sides here is that many f these are specific for your truck model, and if your truck bed is ridged, you’ll need an air mattress or thick foam pad to not feel them. Check out this tent from Ford to get an idea what you’re looking for and find one that fits your truck for the best result.

Travel Hammock

The final option is the simplest, smallest, and possibly the most relaxing option in this list. Travel Hammocks pack up extremely small, are wildly comfortable, and only need your truck and a tree to set up. truck camping travel hammock You can get a hammock that has an open top or opt for a true camping hammock that has a waterproof top and an insulated bottom. By packing up as small as they do, you’ll be able to keep one in your truck all the time so you can sue it to camp overnight or even take a break on the trail. There are tons of options out there for travel hammocks, but the ones from ENO are possibly the best out there. Check them out and don’t forget to look at the mounting systems for the hammocks, too.

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