5 of the Best Off-Road Jeep Wrangler Upgrades July 07, 2014

jeep-wrangler-off-road-header The Jeep Wrangler is a tried and true off-road legend with tie all the way back to WWII when the Willys Overland helped the Allies get through just about everything. The iconic Jeep has seen its share of changes and upgrades over the years, but the Wrangler today is easily recognizable as the Jeep from way back then. With all that history one has to wonder why anyone buying a Jeep would want to upgrade it themselves, but there is always room for improvement. Check out these 5 upgrades for going off-road with the Jeep Wrangler and make yours the best one out there.

1. Locked Storage

jeep-wrangler-locking-storage The Jeep Wrangler is the only mass-produced SUV on the market today with removable doors, and when they’re paired with the iconic removable soft top you get a fun, wind in your hair experience that’s hard to beat. The downside of this freedom is the lack of security a Wrangler has when it comes to intruders stealing your belongings. For most people, the mantra of “Leave Nothing Behind” means more than cleaning up after yourself on the trail, it means they can’t leave anything in their Jeep lest it go missing. Tuffy Security makes a solution for this security issue in the way of steel locking center consoles and steel locking glove box. These two combined will give you all the storage you need and stop anyone without a torch from getting at your belongings. Add to this the rear cargo lockbox and all your camping gear can be stored safe and sound.

2. Suspension

jeep-wrangler-upgrades-suspension From the factory a Wrangler is better than most for ground clearance and off-road accessibility, but that can always be made better. You need to focus on improving the quality of the suspension while giving it lift. The Wrangler is a smaller vehicle that requires special consideration when lifting or adding larger tires so remember that while a useful upgrade, quality and discretion are key. Check out Quadratec’s site with info on most of the recent Wrangler models and what they need. SEE ALSO: 3 of the Wildest Off-Road Exterior Upgrades

3. Lightbar

jeep-wrangler-light-bar We’ve talked about off-road lighting before, but it’s still worth mentioning that the Wrangler really needs better lighting to safely off-road when it gets dark. A quality light bar like the ones from KC HiLITES make for the perfect mount to place your favorite lights on. With the bar in place, you need some lights to fill it up. Check out the Products page on KC’s website to see all the different options. You can go cheap and use halogen bulbs or go big and get all LED lights. You can always do the hugely bright light bars from Rigid Industries and never miss a thing on the trail, too.

4. Rock Sliders

jeep-wrangler-rock-sliders Rock sliders are a kind of armor for your Jeep. While not everyone does rock climbing with their Jeep, these can keep that one errant rock you have to get over from tearing your door a new opening. Rock sliders also double as steps, which can be very useful if you’ve raised your jeep a little. If things go south and your Jeep ends up on its side, rock sliders make for great recovery points for someone to pull you right side up. Check out the ones listed here from Extreme Terrain and pick the ones you like the most and fit your model Jeep. RELATED: The Jeep Wrangler ZS1 Zombie Slayer

5. Lockers

jeep-wrangler-upgrades-lockers Believe it or not, many jeeps don’t come with locking differentials, making for some hard core wheel spinning if you get yourself stuck. The only way to make sure you can get out of just about anything is to install a set of lockers in your Jeep. Check out the lockers offered by Extreme Terrain and spend a few bucks to get your Jeep a better footing on just about every terrain possible.

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