Get the Best of Both Worlds with these 3 Off Road Camping Trailers July 10, 2014

off-road-camping-trailers-header While everyone loves the iconic Airstream camping trailers, they're not anywhere near suitable for going off road. You wouldn't make it too far before your expensive little trailer would either be upside down or missing a wheel or two, making it pretty ineffective for camping on the trail. Instead of destroying an Airstream or other on-road only camping trailer, there are actually a special breed of tow-behind off road camping trailers that are meant specifically for those of us that like to take things off road and get a little dirty. Before you get towing though, make sure to check out our tips on how to tow safely and effectively, because on the trail you'll definitely need a little extra help to keep your trailer right side up.

1. Conquerer Campers Commander

off road camping trailers conquerer While this is one of the wildest looking off road camping trailers, sadly this one is only available in South Africa. That doesn't take away from the cool factor of this trailer, just adds to the mystique, because most of us can't get it. With off road features like an independent coil spring suspension, heavy duty shocks, and trailing arms for stability, this is one serious off road camper. Check out all the features at the Conquerer Campers site here, and try not to drool too much.

2. Moby1 XTR Teardrop

off road camping trailers moby1 The XTR from Moby1 has everything you'd expect from good off road trailers and more and best of all, it's available in the United States. The XTR features a trailing A-arm coil spring suspension, 3,500lb axles, adjustable shocks, and an exo-skeletal frame and fender supports. All this means it's one serious off road camping trailer. The suspension has 4-5" of travel and the shocks are fully adjustable so you should be able to handle any terrain within reason. The frame's reinforced so well that Moby1 claims your tow vehicle will give in long before this off road camping trailer ever will. Add to these features some pretty nice amenities like an air conditioner, dual side doors, a fold out kitchen with overhead lights, and even the option for a rooftop tent to add sleeping capacity and the Moby1 seems well worth it's $18,500 starting price. Check out more about the XTR Teardrop here.

3. Livin’ Lite Jeep Extreme Trail Edition

off road camping trailers jeep If you're off roader of choice is a Jeep, then the Livin' Lite off road camping trailer is just about perfect for you. The Trail Edition camper is small, lightweight, and rugged enough to take the trail just like your Jeep does. This is definitely the most sparse of the camping trailers in this list, but that shouldn't make you shy away from it. This Jeep trailer features an all-aluminum construction, 12-inches of ground clearance, trailing arm suspension, and 32-inch tires with matching Jeep rims. Once the camping trailer is folded out you get a sofa bed, table, and a flip-out bed base along with some storage. All in all, this is a perfect addition to any Jeep drivers off road collection. Check out more on the Livin' Lite Jeep Extreme Trail Edition off road camping trailer here, and make sure to watch the short video walkthrough to see how big this little guy actually can be when folded out.

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