5 Safety Tips for Summer Off-Roading July 14, 2014

Summer is in full swing, and that means the off-road season is too. While the warmer months are just about perfect for an off-road trip, you need to do a little extra planning and preparation to make sure you not only have fun, but stay safe and your truck stays in one piece while you’re doing it.

1. Change Your Oil and Coolant

off-road-summer-tips-oil This should be a no-brainer, but as the weather gets warmer your engine works harder. If you haven’t done it yet this year get an oil change and your cooling system flushed and filled. It’ll cost a few extra bucks to get the flush done, but having an engine that doesn’t overheat will be worth it.

2. Watch Out for Animals

off-road-summer-tips-animals With spring and summer come a lot of animals. From deer to bears to smaller animals like groundhogs and rabbits. Keep an eye out for these woodlanders as they start coming out and becoming more adventurous. Smaller animals won’t usually hurt your truck too much but larger animals like deer can easily incapacitate your ride and leave you stranded. And besides, trying to keep animals safe is another great way to respect nature when you’re off-roading.

3. Check Your Spare Tire

off-road-summer-tips-tires Odds are that you haven’t used your spare tire in a while and while that’s a good thing it also means that your spare tire probably hasn’t gotten a lot of attention lately. Check your spare out for any damage and check the tire pressure to make sure your spare’s ready when you need it. While you’re at it you should check your tire change tools now, too.

4. Pay Attention to the Weather

off-road-summer-tips-weather While the weather on the day you go off-roading is important to know, you also need to pay attention to how the weather has been for the past few weeks, too. If it’s rained every day for the past week but today is beautiful, the trail will still be very muddy and some areas could be dangerous. The same goes for droughts, too. If it hasn’t rained for a few weeks the risk for fire is increased, which means you need to be careful about parking in high grass and how dusty the trail can be.

5. Extra Water

off-road-summer-tips-water Finally, pack lots of extra water. Both you and your truck need water to work well, and when it’s hot that need increases. Plan on having enough water to keep you hydrated for at least a full day, ideally two. For your truck, make sure you have enough water to fill the radiator completely with some to spare. Don’t skimp on water. Both you and your truck need it to keep moving and when there’s a problem you’ll be glad it’s there.   Off-roading in the summer is great. You get to see nature in full swing, experience the clean, fresh air you can only find far away from people and cities, and best of all you get to ride with the windows down and the radio playing.

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