How to Win the Battle of Rust July 24, 2014

rusty-truck-header If you’ve ever owned a vehicle for more than a few years you’ve probably fallen victim to ferrous oxidation, or as you know it: rust. Rust is an inevitability when it comes to owning a truck. All it takes is a tiny scratch in your paint to start the inevitable oxidation process. Add into that salt from winter roads or living near the ocean and you end up with large rust spots that can eat away body panels and cause irreparable damage. All is not lost though, as the war on rust can be won, with a little help. Check out the tips below to avoid rust and stop it from ever starting.

Spray-In Bedliner

prevent-rust-truck-bed-liner There was a time that the only way to protect the bed of a truck was to place a plastic bedliner into it. This did a great job at stopping damage from loads you put into the truck, but trapped moisture and ended up actually promoting corrosion. Today’s spray-in bedliners from companies like Line-X and Rhino Linings are the perfect way to keep your bed safe and rust free. Once dry, these upgrades can stop scratches, rust, and even explosions and bullets. You don’t have to stop with the truck bed however. Spray-in liners can be used on your undercarriage, spots that get  a lot of traffic, and even over the entire body of the truck.

Clean regularly

prevent-rust-truck-wash Cleaning your truck regularly is one of the best ways to avoid rust and corrosion. By really spraying out both the easy and hard to get areas, you can stop water and mud from sitting and causing corrosion. You should wash your truck monthly as well as after any off-road trip, paying close attention to the undercarriage and bed. Doors have a tendency to rust at the bottom, mostly due to sitting water or moisture inside the door. To solve this issue, make sure to clean out the drain holes that line the bottom of your doors to make sure they stay open and allow the inside of the door to dry completely.

Don’t Forget the Wax

prevent-rust-truck-wax Speaking of keeping your truck clean, a good coat of wax is a great way to keep road grime and salt from attacking your paint job. Besides making your truck look amazing, a good wax job provides a solid barrier between your paint and the world, just like your paint does between the bare metal and the elements. Apply wax anywhere from twice a year to once a month to make sure there’s as much protection as possible. With stronger paint the metal underneath will be more protected and less likely to rust.

Take Care of Scratches Immediately

prevent-rust-truck-scratches If you do end up getting a scratch you need to take care of it immediately. The worst type of scratch is the kind that goes down to metal because even that tiny seam of exposed metal is enough to cause rust that could destroy an entire panel of your truck. The basic idea in fixing a scratch is to seal it back up and apply fresh paint to it to protect the area once again. Depending on how nice you want the end result to be, this can be a simple or moderately complex undertaking. If you don’t care about how it looks and just want the area protected, a small jar/spray can of touch-up paint and a good wax job after is all you need, but if you want it to look like new again, check out this site for a step-by-step on fixing a scratch.  Or just buy an aluminium truck.

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