Is the Ghe-O Rescue the Best Off-Road Vehicle Ever? August 04, 2014

Ghe-O Rescue Off-Road Romania isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think of amazing off-road vehicles, and to be honest, it probably isn’t in the top 100, but there is a beast of a machine living in this mountainous country that is worthy of possibly the top spot when talking about the best off-road vehicles made today. Ghe-O Motors makes a few pretty awesome off-road machines, but it’s the Rescue model that takes the cake, which in this case is not a lie. This all in one machine handles water, dirt, mud, snow, as well as some of the most difficult off-road conditions possible all in the quest to rescue stuck off-roaders and perform fire and rescue operations.

What Makes it so Special?

To start with, the Rescue is two feet wider and three feet longer than a Hummer H1, and it weighs in around 500 pounds less. This means the Rescue can carry 11 passengers inside of its cab and even more in a tow-behind sled. Ghe-O Water Crossing Rescue You can attach a snowplow, rear snow treads, and even inflatable air bladders for each wheel to make the damn thing float for when the water gets too deep to keep its wheels on the ground! The approach angle is vertical, making it ideal for going up any incline that it can find, which is perfect for riverbanks. The axles are both lockable, the ground clearance is hard to beat, and best of all, the Rescue can easily be customized to carry fire fighting equipment or other rescue platforms.

What About Performance?

Ghe-O’s site claims that:
“Rescue can outperform in most of situations two seats off road cars with the difference that it can do that with eleven people on board.”(Sic)
So what does that mean? Well, you can order Rescue with a gas engine that produces 340-500HP or a diesel engine that puts out 218-304HP. Pair that with a heavy-duty transmission and lockable axles and you pretty much have a racecar that can go anywhere. ghe-o-rescue-2 Ghe-O also states on their site that they can produces versions for military applications that are protected from water and shielded from electromagnetic damage. This puts the Ghe-O well past your average off-road machine and more into the world of perfect zombie apocalypse machine.

What Can it Do?

As we mentioned above, the Rescue can go through just about anything you can put in front of it. The Rescue can ford water well past the bottom of the door sills without leaking or stopping, it can approach vertical walls and basically drive up them, it can float on top of water and snow, and it can get traction in the slipperiest of mud and loose dirt to not only drive, but to pull stuck and broken down vehicles out, too. Ghe-O Towing Rescue For all its off-road beauty, the Rescue was built for a reason. Even though tearing through the woods is a lot of fun, the purpose here is fire and rescue. In a country that is as covered in woods and mountains as Romania is, a vehicle like this is necessary to get to people in need and recuse those who are hurt or stuck. I, for one, would feel a lot safer if I knew one of these were coming for me if I had an emergency. Currently you can only pick one of these beauties up in Romania, so if you’re in love with it (as you should be) it’ll be a pretty long trip to the dealership to test drive. Check out the video below to see the Ghe-O in action.

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