4 Questions Every Truck Owner Hates to Hear August 14, 2014

home-new The love you have for your pickup truck is more than any car owner can every truly appreciate. Trucks are far more than a simple means of transportation; they represent freedom and getting work done. They’re the lifeblood of the country and most of all, they’re just damn fun to drive. It really takes a truck owner to really understand these ideas, which is why people who don’t have a truck tend to question the logic of driving a truck every day. The dumber of these people will often ask leading questions that are more statements of what they think about trucks than honest questions, which makes them even more annoying. You should love driving your truck and equally hate the questions below. Have you gotten a few of these before? Have a specific question that you hate that we didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments for everyone else to roll their eyes at, too. SEE ALSO: How to Build an Off-Road Survival Kit for your Truck

1. Isn’t a Pickup Truck Just for Hauling and Towing?

This is quite possibly the most annoying question every truck owner gets. It’s all too common for a car owner to think that a truck is only for carrying heavy things. It’s beyond most people’s comprehension that you might actually like driving your truck. While your truck is perfect for hauling those lawn supplies and towing that camping trailer, using one for your day-to-day driver is completely acceptable. Just tell these people “My truck’s great at hauling and towing, but it’s even better at driving!”

2. Why Would You Drive Such a Fuel Hog?

Ah, the great fuel debate. Prius drivers gasp as you drive past and compact car owners frown as you fuel up. While many trucks do get less fuel economy than their car counterparts, that doesn’t mean that you care less about the environment or that you want to waste money on gas. What you lose in fuel economy with a truck you gain in versatility and usability. When someone asks why you don’t care about fuel economy just tell them “It’s worth the loss in mileage to know that I can move just about anything I want.”

3. How Can You Drive Something So Uncomfortable?

Comfort and trucks are two ideas that rarely go together in people’s minds, but trucks today have a major focus on comfort. Since trucks were once used solely for work and farm purposes comfort wasn’t necessary, but today trucks are possibly one of the most comfortable and roomy vehicles you can drive. truck-questions-interior If someone asks why you don’t care about comfort, tell them “I know a leather interior with heated seats is roughing it, but I manage somehow.”

4. Doesn’t That Thing Cost a Fortune?

Generally the larger a vehicle is the more it costs. Bigger means more metal, more engine to move that metal, and bigger tires to keep it all rolling. All this means a higher cost to you when you buy the truck, but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. 4WD transmissions and longer beds cost money, but when you subtract the cost of renting trucks and the intrinsic value of being able to help anyone move or transport materials, that value is easily made up. If someone complains about this cost fact to you, just tell them “They are a little more expensive, but that hasn’t stopped pickup trucks from being the best-selling type of passenger vehicle in the country.

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