Who Wants to Drive a 4x4 When You Can Go 6x6…In a Mercedes! September 08, 2014

6x6-mercedes-off-road So you like off-roading and you’re the first on the trail when conditions are anywhere near ok enough for a ride, but lately you’ve gotten tired of plain old 4x4s and you feel like you need something a little more. While your friends probably think you’re crazy, the folks over at Mercedes-Benz AMG know exactly how you feel. This is why they took the once-military only 6x6 G63 and made it available for anyone with the money to afford one. 6x6-mercedes-off-road-side-view The 6x6 G63 is an interesting sight to behold. With one set of wheels in the front and two sets in the back, it looks like a luxury dump truck minus the bed. Known as the Gelandewagen, the AMG G63 uses all six of its wheels to get over just about anything in its path. Before reading on, make sure to keep in mind that this isn’t just a crazy idea built for an auto show, the G63 6WD is a production vehicle. Yep. SEE ALSO: Extreme Trucks: The International XT Powered by a 529 horsepower 5.5-liter twin turbo V8, this six-wheeled beast can get from 0-60 in just under six seconds. To put this into perspective, the Ford SVT Raptor, which is a fast truck in its own right, needs nearly 7 seconds to get to the same speed! This number seems outrageous when you see that the G63 weighs in at 8,322 pounds, but the Germans at AMG know a thing or two about speed, so we’ll have to take their word on it. A 7-speed automatic transmission takes all that power to the transfer case, where each set of wheels gets a 30/40/30 split when in full 6WD mode. Since you should be able to drive over and through anything, the G63 gives you the ability to drive through nearly 34-inches of water when you want to get a little wet, and Ohlin reservoir shocks when you want to get dirty. Heck, there’s even a central tire inflation system that’s controlled from the drivers seat. 6x6-mercedes-off-road-interior-g63 Inside, the Mercedes G63 has all the features and accouterments you’d expect from a G-Wagon, including diamond-stitched leather seats, two-tone leather interior, full video infotainment system, and dual-zone climate control. 6x6-mercedes-off-road-under-g63-amg The G63 is 19 feet long, weights a little over 8,300 pounds, and has a (limited) top speed of about 100 MPH. There is a very large set of Brembo brakes installed to get the beast to stop when needed, but this speed is limited to 50 MPH when the differentials are locked, which by the way can be done when the transfer case is in high mode. Sadly the G63 6WD isn’t available in the US for now, but this probably isn’t the limiting factor in you running out and picking one up. The G63 runs around $625,000.While as we said, this is a standard production vehicle and is even being built on the same production line as the other G-Wagons, this monster from Mercedes-Benz and AMG is the most comfortable way to roll over anything and everything.

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