5 Absolute Must-Haves for Truck Tailgating Season September 18, 2014

gty_tailgating_mi_130122_wmain While tailgating isn’t reserved solely for football season, it seems to be the time everyone starts thinking about it. While all you technically need is a tailgate, things will go much more smoothly with a few key accessories. From coolers to grilles to a shovel, bringing these must-haves for tailgating along will make your day a lot better and your friends even happier.

1. Cooler

While a cooler is one of the most essential tailgating tools, they’re also the most under-appreciated and paid attention to when researching products. For example, check out the killer coolers from Yeti. These bad boys lock tight to prevent spillage, have hinges that will never break, and some of the most comfortable handles imaginable. Heck, they’re even grizzly bear proof!

2. Grill and Charcoal Starter

WeberJumboJoevsSmokeyJoe Few things taste better than a burger cooked on a grill while tailgating. Forget gas grilles and aim for charcoal for the best taste and fire. Since you need portability, the Weber Smokey Joe grill is one of your best bets, as it’s small, simple, and best of all, cheap. Add to this a charcoal starter to get your coals burning the right way and your burgers and sausages will turn out perfect every time. Just don’t forget the spatula and tongs, ok?

3. Foldout Canopy

A day spent in the sun tailgating is great for the soul, but can be a killer for heat and sunburn. Worse yet, if the conditions are less than optimal, you’ll need something to keep dry with, too. 210020147 This is why a foldout canopy is such a great idea. Pop it up and you’ll get instant sun and elements protection. Nothing fancy, just a simple four-legged canopy with enough room under it for a few people. Best of all, your paler friends will love coming to your tailgates.

4. Battery Jumper Pack

Tailgates usually involve power-hungry activities like radios, televisions, and even lights if it gets dark, and all this is done usually with the truck turned off. A few hours of this and you’re bound to have a pretty dead battery. Even if you’re battery is great, at least one other person will probably need a jump. Instead of keeping simple jumper cables handy, why not get a battery jump pack and be able to jump yourself. Not only is this cool, but it can help give someone a jump in the tight confines of a parking lot where a traditional jump might not be possible. Expect to pay around $80 for a decent one.

5. Locking Watertight Box

locking-watertight-truck-box So, with all this great stuff comes a problem. What do you do with it all? Unless you’ve got a quad cab that you don’t mind filling up with stuff and not people. Instead of that, what you need is a box to keep in the bed that locks and is watertight. For around $35 you can get a nice sized one that should hold all your tailgating supplies and keep them out of the elements.

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