Get Your Dose of Nostalgia with These Classic Off-Road Video Games September 29, 2014

classic-video-games-trucks There’s something about classic video games that really bring back that feeling of nostalgia. There’s a good chance that your love of trucks showed itself early on with some of these off-road video games. Whether you played them in an arcade or were lucky enough to have a system at home, off-road video games were the best. Check out our list of the best classic off-road video games below. Have a favorite we didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments and let everyone else know.

Super Off Road

What better game to start off with than possibly the best off-road game of all time: Ironman Stewart’s Super Off Road. The idea is simple, you and three other trucks race around a dirt track, all vying for 1st place. There are 4 laps and if you win you play for free. Super Off Road classic arcade game With Nitro and truck upgrades, this 8-bit pixel based game was played in just about every pizza shop and arcade out there. IF you’ve got a smart phone you can play the classic all over again thanks to Toyota by downloading it here.

ATV Offroad Fury

Even if you don’t have a quad you probably loved playing the PS2 game ATV Offroad Fury. This wide-open landscape game had great race modes and a variety of quads to race with. Great on your own or with a few friends, Offroad Fury is definitely a classic. ATV Offroad Fury classic video game If you ever played this game you know that the chances of you skipping out on a race half way to drive through the wide-open spaces the game offers were pretty high.

Monster Truck Madness

This classic from 1996 looks amazing at the time, and was a great game to play on your Windows 95 PC. With a hard rock and heavy metal soundtrack, this game even had interactive commentary that ran with each race. Monster Truck Madness classic video game Anyone who was a fan of monster trucks needed to try this game at least once. All the best monster trucks of the day were in it, but everyone had to drive BigFoot of course.

Rigs of Rods

This game was under the radar of a lot of people, but if you were looking for realistic graphics and physics, this simulator was right up your alley. The ability to cruise through open terrain and see how a truck could really handle is pretty great, and while you’re not going to get too many heart-dropping moments like in a racing game, it’s a lot of fun. rigs of rods classic video game The best part about this game is that you can actually still play it today on just about any Windows machine. You can download it from the developer here.

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